28 Fabulous Styling Tips


There are days when we feel good and it is easy for us to find something chic to wear. On days like this, we also have fun styling ourselves.
But there are also those days ... when we just don't feel like worrying about it.
How much nicer would it be if we had some kind of master plan that contained the most important styling rules for us? What about that? We have a few tips in mind for the “good styling days” that will help us put together an even better outfit and a kind of motivating cheat sheet for the “bad styling days”.

The 28 best styling tips

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 1. Colors can work wonders!

Wear colours that suit you. Because in this way you can skillfully reduce dark circles, double chin and bags under the eyes in your overall picture.

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 2. Do you like earrings?

Earrings bring attention to your face. It is good when you have several pairs. Always wear different ones and avoid wearing the same ones every day.

If you have a rather short face, you can lengthen your face optically by wearing longer earrings. If you have a long face, avoid long, narrow earrings.


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 3. Is black your colour?

Black is a cool colour. If you're not a cool colour type (summer, winter, or summer-winter), it won't suit you. It will just make more wrinkles visible and your face won't look as even.

4. Let your socks do the talking ...

Don't wear coloured or white socks with black pants. 15. It has to be a perfect match!
Wear your clothes in the right size!

Garments that are too tight look disadvantageous and do not make you slimmer, but also emphasize any problem areas. You can also get advice from a shop and find the right size for pants, tops, dresses and skirts.

5. You continue to develop - and so does your styling

The same hairstyle and clothes for more than 5-10 years. Sorry, that doesn't work. You then appear old and as if you had stopped. Yes, maybe the clothes are still in good condition, but then let someone else wear them. Because if you change your appearance every few years, your entire appearance will appear more youthful, dynamic and lively.

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6. Open your eyes, dear!

Are you looking for the ideal colour for your eyeshadow? The complementary colour to your eye colour looks great. If you have blue eyes, choose a shade of peach, pink, or brown - depending on whether you're a warm or cool type of colour.

Green eyes look great with a shade of purple. Brown eyes can shine with blue, green or even purple eyeshadow.

In general, one can say that the eye colour should not be repeated in the eye shadow colour. A complementary colour brings out the eyes better.

7. It's the little things that count

Buy trends in the form of accessories. Do you like Snake Print? Then buy a pair of shoes or a scarf - but no suit or coat, please.

8. Your things are little treasure

Keep an eye on the cost-benefit ratio. You are welcome to create a small clothes treasure chest - but if you will only wear an item of clothing 2-3 times, then you better not spend a fortune on it. But if you wear pants every day, for example, you can pay more attention to quality and spend money on them.

9. You are valuable!

Old or grey underwear has to go! So sort out regularly.
What you wear under your clothes is just as important as what you wear over your underwear. Believe me, nobody sees it, but you will notice the difference - and everyone will see that in your demeanour...

10. Make yourself beautiful eyes

Eyebrows are the frame of your eyes. Let a beautician define your eyebrows. Beautiful eyebrows are like an eye lift and you look more youthful.

11. Less is more

Animal print from head to toe? Better not! A piece of clothing in a leopard pattern is enough. Or a shirt, a pair of shoes or a bag - but please not all at the same time.

12. Dare to!

Update your accessories every season. A pair of shoes from the current season, jewellery or a scarf can give your entire wardrobe a fresh kick. And besides, shopping for accessories is something nice, isn't it?

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13. You are important!

Never buy something just because the saleswoman tells you it looks good. Only buy something if you love it, it looks good, and you feel good about it.

If you put it on and think back and forth, that is a sign that it is not a good choice. But if you put it on and love it, then it's YOURS. It has to suit you and your lifestyle. So don't buy it even if you don't have a chance to put it on.

14. Detox for your closet ...

Wardrobe detox - your wardrobe should believe it at least twice a year. Give away the things you haven't worn in the last year and make room for the clothes you really need.

10 Basic Items For Your Capsule Wardrobe

15. Favorite pieces ...

Replace your favourite clothes regularly. Favourite clothes are worn more often, so it can happen that they soon no longer look good after being worn a lot. Make sure you replace it in good time before it's faded or worn out.

16. Your clothes want to be protected

Give away the wire hangers. Your clothes cost money and if you choose them correctly, they are an investment. So please, don't ruin your clothes by using those "weird" wire hangers that can rust and stain your clothes around the shoulders. And let's be honest ... they neither look good nor do they give our clothes the right support.

17. Spring, summer, autumn and winter

Buy clothes that you can wear at different times of the year. They shouldn't be too thin, but neither too thick - so you can wear them all year-round and combine them in different outfits, depending on the season.

18. Take time for yourself!

Take care of yourself! Take a break every now and then to recharge your batteries - your environment will thank you. :) These are my 30 most important tips for good and not so good styling days.

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19. You are beautiful at any age

Your colouring (hair, eyes and skin colour) change in the course of your life. Your natural colouring shines most in your 20s. With menopause, your eyes will lose a bit of their intensity, maybe your hair is grey and your skin has also lost colour.

The colours that we wore when we were 20 will no longer work for us when we are 40 or when we are 60 or even 80 years old. But yes, luckily, we can try things out at any age and be brave.

20. Colors can influence your emotional world

Colours are very powerful - they influence our emotional world. Be careful not to wear too much red, orange, or yellow at the same time as our brains have a hard time looking at these colours for long periods of time.


21. Find glasses that fit you

New glasses can make you look fresher and more youthful. Keep your glasses frame up to date, so your overall appearance will always look modern.

22. The right make-up is crucial

Dare to ask an experienced make-up artist. Try your luck at the shopping centre. Here you will often find different make-up corners and you can really show you how to apply make-up so that you look, for example, youthful. Or like after a wellness vacation. Or you can conjure up a party make-up.

23. Show your feet

I don't want to say too many words here. I'm just saying: paint your nails if you wear open-toe shoes. Your precious feet deserve it.

24. Protect your skin!

Always wear sunscreen. Even if it used to be annoying to hear that all the time. But there is something to it, as you probably know by now. Sunscreen is the most important anti-ageing ingredient in your cosmetic repertoire. Because 80 per cent of wrinkles come from the sun and environmental influences.

25. The right hairstyle can bring joy into your life!

A great haircut can make all the difference between “ok” and “just fabulous”.
Treat yourself to an appointment with a good hairdresser and think about what exactly you want in advance.

26. You are great - and you can show it too!

Never wear anything just because it's fashionable. If it doesn't suit you, then it won't look good on you either. You are fabulous and you are above all you. So show yourself!

27. Correct shoes

Change your shoes - and your entire outfit will change!

A pair of sneakers tell us about the wearer that comfort is important to her. A pair of strappy sandals is fun. A pair of ballerinas say "comfort with style".

28. Let your eyes shine ...

Repeating your eye colour on your top will accentuate your eyes. The eyes look bigger and you look younger. But never repeat your eye colour in your eyeshadow.
That's too much of a good thing.

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