10 Basic İtems For Your Capsule Wardrobe

How to create a capsule wardrobe? What are 10 important items for a capsule wardrobe? At this article, I will try to tell you about some important things about your capsule wardrobe. 

Basic shirts and tops for the Capsule Wardrobe

They are infinitely combinable: T-shirts and tops in simple colours, such as black, white, beige or grey. Basic shirts fit with jeans, trousers, under a blazer or cardigan - and therefore belong in every capsule wardrobe.

In addition to about three to five plain shirts, two fancy copies are allowed in - minimalist should not mean boring


Jeans are also among the central garments of a Capsule Wardrobe. Both chic and casual, it is advisable to have them in different colours - for example in black, light or classic: in blue. With two pieces you can not go wrong. With one of them in the colour black also not.


Sneakers can be worn in spring, summer and autumn. They go well with jeans, skirts and dresses, make a chic outfit casual and complete a sporty outfit. For a minimalist wardrobe, it is best to choose a pair that always fits.


It goes without saying that a jacket belongs in every wardrobe - in the Capsule Wardrobe even three: a decent winter coat, a light summer jacket and a jacket for the transitional period. Here is the rule: The jackets should fit the rest of your wardrobe and be designed as timeless as possible, so you have sustainable something of them.

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If the jeans do not fit the occasion: A nice trousers in light and/or dark also fits, if it may be a bit chic - too high heels, for example. In the summer you can wear them well with sandals or sneakers, in the fall with ankle boots, in the office with blazers or blouses.


In addition to shirts and pants, sweaters are of course also in the Capsule Wardrobe - especially for the winter and the transition period, but also for cool summer evenings.

The best sweaters that are both office or work suitable as well as suitable for everyday use. With four to five, you get along well: three of them plain, one something fancy and one in between.


Flat or middle high boots can be worn for at least three seasons: autumn, winter and spring. They are comfortable and go with jeans, pants, skirts or dresses - so to all. You can therefore take them confidently in a minimalist wardrobe. I wear my boots at autumn, spring and winter. 

Cardigan, blouson or blazer

Pull over jackets add variety to the outfit, are handy when it gets fresh and may be a little fancier in the Capsule Wardrobe - especially if you're wearing a plain basic shirt underneath. Depending on the situation, cardigans, blousons or blazers, but also denim and cardigans are suitable. Two to three fit in the minimalist wardrobe.

Summer shoes: Sandals, Ballerinas & Co.

Sandals, slippers, ballerinas - depending on the lifestyle, different shoes are available for the summer. But everyone should be comfortable, versatile and sturdy, so you can have a bit of them for a long time. Two pairs should be enough.

Special parts

Special parts enhance the Capsule Wardrobe: A fancy jacket that can be worn to plain shirts and jeans, a chic blouse or vest. Also, such garments must be purely in the wardrobe - so it is not boring.

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