Jane Fonda - Ageless Style

Do you like famous US actress Jane Fonda? I do. Despite her age, she has an ageless style and a fantastic figure. She is today the guest star of my celebrity style category. Although she is double old as me, I love her style. She used to style herself elegant and casual. I think the casual style has a very big age range. Born Jane Seymour Fonda (1937), was a sex symbol at the beginning of her carrier. But in the 70's she was a famous Character actress. She was an activist against the Vietnam war, a world-known fitness trainer, and a movie star. Her aerobic, fitness, and yoga videos saved millions worldwide.  Although she is over 80 years old, she is still the symbol of the modern ageless styled woman. She loves to try different colors and clothes.
Jane Fonda was a symbol for the new generation of women.

Jane Fonda Fashion Style

I like also her hairstyles.

Jane Fonda and Her Cardigans

I watched her TV Show Grace & Frankie, and this was one of my favorite outfits. I loved her cardigans.

Jane Fonda cardigan is a classic.

With this dress, she was at Runaway for L'oreal Paris.

She is always an eyecatcher on red carpets.

What are you thinking about Jane Fonda's styling? Please let me know your thoughts with a comment. Thanks for visiting and reading. Have a nice day :)

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