Dental Implants: Tips To Reduce The Healing Time

Dental implants are a revolutionary new treatment that offers a permanent solution to missing teeth and the treatment is carried out in two stages; the first being the insertion of special titanium pins that are screwed into the jawbone, and after a period of time that allows the pins to bond with the bone and tissue, the prosthetic teeth can then be fitted.
Here are a few tips to aid speedy recovery after dental implant treatment.

  • Plenty Of Rest - The more you rest, the quicker your body will heal, and doing too much can cause stress and this will lengthen the time it takes to fully recover from the treatment. Some people have a problem with being inactive, and if this is you, it is essential that you take the time to rest and recuperate, as this will reduce the amount of time it takes to heal.
  • Avoid Smoking - Smoking is known to have an adverse effect on the body’s healing abilities, so if you do smoke, now is the best time quit, which will help your natural healing process. There are informative articles you can find online on dental implants. These articles include a lot of information about placement and those who are most suited for the treatment.
  • Eating Soft Foods - Avoid eating hard foods or tough meats that require a great deal of chewing, and this will help the healing process. The amount of time it takes before the prosthetic teeth can be fitted could range from a couple of weeks to a full 6 months, depending on many factors. If a person has been wearing dentures prior to the surgery, this will reduce the healing time, as the gums do not have to heal from tooth extraction and it is only the pin inserts that need healing.
  • Follow Your Dentist’s Instructions To The Letter - You will want to get dental implants Chatswood clinics can provide, if you live nearby, then your dentist will give you a set of instructions that cover hygiene, eating habits and general oral hygiene and you should follow these instructions, as the expert knows what is required to ensure that the treatment is a success and healing time is reduced to a minimum.
  • Cold Compresses - If you have swelling or gum inflammation, cold compresses will reduce the swelling, and this might be required for the first few days after having the titanium pins inserted. Your dentist will provide you with a list of do’s and don’ts after having the first stage of the process, and depending on several factors, the dentist will be the one who decides when the prosthetic teeth can be fitted.

You do need to be patient when having a dental implant treatment, and while the treatment offers a permanent solution to missing teeth, the process can take up to 6 months to complete, so do listen to your dentist’s advice, which is designed to minimise the healing time. When the prosthetic teeth are fitted, the dentist would want to examine you after about 6 months, to ensure that the healing process has completed and there are no complications.

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