A Winter Classic - Turtleneck Sweaters & Tops - How To Wear A Turtleneck?

It is a must in every wardrobe: the turtleneck sweater! The fashion classic not only keeps you warm in winter, but it is also a real all-rounder and the favourite of all fashionistas. Turtlenecks are one of my favourite clothes that I cannot give up in winter. So I wanted to give a few examples of the turtlenecks we will wear in 2020 today.

How To Wear Turtleneck 

Turtlenecks are so practical that you can combine them with a jacket, shawl or necklace alone. Jeans, skirts, fabric pants or skirts are compatible with almost any garment. Abundant ones without wearing a jacket alone, narrow ones can wear as single or jacket.

I use to wear turtlenecks in every form. Which one is your favourite?

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