Wash Your Clothes Right - 5 Myths About Washing Clothes

5 myths about washing clothes

Home remedies and washing tips

There are a few myths surrounding the proper laundry: Tips from granny and mom and hints from the web abound, but which are actually correct?

1. Hygienically clean only at 90 degrees?

Underclothes and bedding is only at 90 degrees reliable and hygienic clean, at least some people insist on this statement. In fact, in any case, a wash at 60 degrees, so that even sensitive laundry items are pure enough. However, it is advisable to give the washing machine a wash at 90 degrees about once a month. The reason: To avoid germ deposits and counteract the development of odours in the drum.

2. Towels do not like softener?

When the woolly-soft terry towels become hard and scratchy over time, that's usually due to too much fabric softener. The wash additive lays like a film on the filigree fibres, which not only makes them stiff but also reduces the absorbency of the towel. For terry goods, you should use fabric softener so very carefully.

3. Hot washing is good for the machine?

If you only wash with low temperatures, you will not benefit your washing machine in the long run. Like us humans, the washing machine also likes a bit of variety every now and then. Higher temperature washes free the household helper from deposits, combat odour in the drum, and increase device life. Some models offer their own drum washings.

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4. Separate laundry is overrated?

If you want your clothes to shine like the first day, it is advisable to separate the clothes. Paint and mudflaps can not completely prevent garments from rubbing off. In addition, heavy-duty detergents often contain bleach that can make coloured pieces look old. For optimal results, the laundry should, therefore, continue to be separated.

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5. One should not fill the washing machine?

At best, a fist fits between your laundry and the drum. If you overfill the washing machine too much, the fabrics will rub against each other, the wash will be less effective and more wrinkles will be created, making ironing difficult.

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