Sneakers In The Washing Machine? 3 Rules To Wash Your Sneakers

Sneakers in the washing machine?

Tips for clean sneakers

how to wash your sneakers

Is it easy to wash sports shoes and sneakers in the washing machine? The answer is yes if you use these tips:

  • Choose The Right Programm

So carefully you can not handle the new favourite sneakers that sooner or later they will not get dirty. When the time comes, pragmatists like to throw their sneakers into the washing machine - after all, most appliances have a special program for shoes and particularly sensitive textiles.

how to wash your sneakers

  • Be Careful With Water Temperature

Select the gentle program with 30 to a maximum of 40 ° C for delicates and use mild detergent. Before going into the washing machine, you should remove laces and insoles and protect the pair with a wash bag and extra towels to put in the washing drum. Also, be careful during the spin: be sure to choose the lowest level.

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how to wash your sneakers

  • Dry thoroughly

After the wash, the sneakers should be well and properly dried - but not in the tumble dryer! Better is the good, old method with newsprint. This is crumpled up and stuffed inside. This removes moisture from the sneakers and keeps them in shape. The last remaining dirt and streaks are best removed with a brush and a paste of water and some soda or baking soda.

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