6 Most Important Things To Select The Right Shoes For Your Outfit

How to choose the right shoes according to the outfit
Women and shoes ... It's hard to think one without the other. Which woman doesn't like shoes? If possible, every woman can fill her wardrobe with shoes of different colors and models to suit all her clothes. Whether you like heels or classic or sports models, this passion does not change.
But does every woman who loves shoes know how to select suitable shoes for her outfit? Completing the outfit with the right shoes is very important for a stylish look. There are some things we need to pay attention to. Let's look at what's important about choosing shoes according to dress:

1. Choosing the Right Shoe Color


The color you choose doesn't compete with your dress, let it complete your outfit. With a patterned outfit, you should choose a plain, solid color shoe. With a single color outfit, you can choose a shoe with contrast color or pattern.

2. Bringing Vitality to Your Simple Outfit with Colorful Shoes

Wearing a vivid color shoe in a simple, single-color outfit will make the outfit remarkable at a time. For example red shoes under a white jacket and pant.

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3. Combining Shoe Color With A Color Inside Your Outfit.

You're going to wear an outfit of different colors. For example, if you have purple inside, you can also choose purple shoes and you can complete your outfit.

4. Selecting Suitable Shoes To Work Place

If you work in a very serious office, do not choose shoes that are very remarkable and bright colors. If you have a comfortable workplace where certain rules are not importand, you can make your choice of shoes more free.

5. Select Seasonal Shoes

In spring, our clothes are colored and diversified like nature. It will be convenient for you to have a few pairs of shoes suitable for the variable weather of spring. Suitable for rainy weather, warmer weather and shoes suitable for free days.
In the heat of summer, it would be right to choose comfortable and non-sweating shoes that will prevent your foot from swelling.
It can rain at any moment in the autumn. Your shoes must be suitable for these weather. For example, short boots can be worn both in spring and autumn.
In winter, keeping your feet warm is the most important rule. You can prefer wider heels to prevent slippage in icy weather.

6. Correct Heel Selection

Stilettos show your leg longer when wearing under tight pants and a pencil skirt.
You can prefer stiletto both in feminine appearance and in office life.
Wristed shoes indicate that the leg is shorter than it is.
If your foot is large, choose shoes with an oval or black nose.
The shoes open front   are not suitable for office life. You can wear medium or high-heeled shoes off front.
You can wear open toe high heels at cocktails and parties.
You can change the mood of the outfit by wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes under your jeans and t-shirt.
Flat sandals can be worn with almost any clothing.
Use flip-flops only in casual daily clothing.
Heeled sandals are suitable for elegant outfits.

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