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Benefits Of Apple Vinegar

Benefits Of Apple Vinegar

Benefits of Apple Vinegar

Apple vinegar, is not only a cooking material but also a health food with many of benefits. Let us look some of wellknown benefits of apple vinegar:

1- It cleans the body from toxins.

2-Shape your hair and help it look bright.

3-If you are feeding cats or dogs in your house, it definitely provides a definite solution for fleas.

4-You can use it against fungus and papilloma.

5- It has the therapeutic feature of sun burns.

6-You can use to clean your house (especially glass cleaning)

7-It is good for flu.

8-Balances blood sugar.

9-Decreases blood pressure.

This is what I know about benefits of apple vinegar.  But I'm sure you will see that apple cider vinegar is very useful when you search a little more.

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Guest author at derıasworld

Seyhan Türker

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  1. I love using apple vinegar in so many things, especially cooking. I also use it i cleaning the house but I haven't yet had the courage to use it on my hair. I have to try that.

    1. If you share your experiance about hair,we will be happy. Best regards.

  2. Wonderful photos and interesting post dear! Thanks for the benefits.

  3. I'm totally on the same page. I drink apple cider vinegar every morning! xoxo

  4. E é óptimo para eliminar verrugas inestéticas, como comprovei no Verão passado!...
    Durante alguns dias, colocar durante meia hora, um algodão embebido em vinagre de sidra, sobre a verruga... e o que é facto... é que começa a secar e desaparece, alguns dias mais tarde...
    Gostei imenso do post!

  5. Ev temizliğinde mutlaka kullanırım kötü enerjileri atar evden.


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Comments with links are not allowed !!! This comments will not be published !!!

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