Benefits Of Apple Vinegar

Benefits of Apple Vinegar

Apple vinegar, is not only a cooking material but also a health food with many of benefits. Let us look some of wellknown benefits of apple vinegar:

1- It cleans the body from toxins.

2-Shape your hair and help it look bright.

3-If you are feeding cats or dogs in your house, it definitely provides a definite solution for fleas.

4-You can use it against fungus and papilloma.

5- It has the therapeutic feature of sun burns.

6-You can use to clean your house (especially glass cleaning)

7-It is good for flu.

8-Balances blood sugar.

9-Decreases blood pressure.

This is what I know about benefits of apple vinegar.  But I'm sure you will see that apple cider vinegar is very useful when you search a little more.

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