March 14, 2019

DIY-Fat Burning Mixture

Hi, this is Seyhan. Blogger and mother of three kids. I will be here sometimes as guest author in future. I am interresting about health, beauty, fashion, decoration, shopping e.t.c. so you can read my articles about those themes. I hope you like them.
Today as first post, I would like to share a fat burning mixture that you can prepare at home very easily.
fat burning-detox water

Fat Burning Mixture


Green tea, lemon and mineral water.

With this  wonderful trio your life will be healthier and easier.

2 teaspoons green tea
Half a liter of boiled water
Half a lemon
1 mineral water

Add 2 teaspoons of green tea to half a liter of boiled water and let it infuse for about 10 minutes.
After adding half a lemon juice let's put into the lemon peel. Finally, add the mineral water to prepare our great mix to drink.
This miraculous mixture can be maintained at room temperature. Let us take care to consume in the same day.

Enjoy it !!!

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Seyhan Türker


  1. Excellent 😍 Love you lots friends 👍

  2. So interesting news!!! Thanks

  3. Çayın hiçbir türü ile aram iyi değil ama maden suyu+limon favorimdir ;)

    1. Bitki çayları harici bende çay içenlerden değilimdir. Güzel yorumun İÇİN teşekkür ediyorum

  4. Çok beğenerek okuyamadım :) yarısını çözemedim ama tahminim şimanlıkla yağlarla ilgili elinize sağlık 2 deneyimli bloggeri da bir arada görmek mutlu etti saygılar.

  5. Teşekkür ediyorum Engin Bey

  6. Dear Seyhan, I always follow you. You have interesting posts on your blogs. I liked your fat burning mixture. I think green tea is a magical herb to lose weight and burn fat. I'll try this mixture. Thank you so much for this useful information.

  7. Dear Gülhan, thank you! I would appreciate if you share your experience with me.

  8. I love this mixture. Thank You Seyhan. Nice to see u in Deriasworld 😍

  9. yine harika bilgiler teşekkürler

  10. It looks perfect!

  11. interesting...
    thank you for sharing

  12. Seyhan bir tanedir zaten severiz onu ve yazılarını:))


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