DIY Rice Face Mask And Cream

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When you look in the mirror, you like to see a skin like porcelain, right? So I would recommend you to give me a chance to talk about 2 recipes below. I hope you will benefit from these recipes that have a whitening effect, soften and lighten the appearance of spots and fight early signs of aging.
Below you will see a mask and then a cream recipe. The two are preparing one after another. You can choose to prepare only one, but here is the purpose of a single-use mask with a cream that can be used for 1 week to prepare at once. You can put the cream in the fridge and use it for 1 week in the morning. As for the mask, if you apply it regularly once a week, you will soon notice how it illuminates your skin.

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1. Skin Brightening Rice Mask


2 tablespoons of rice
2 cups of water
1 teaspoon of organic honey
1 teaspoon of milk
A few drops of lemon (Optional; for oily and/or densely stained skin)

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Place the mixture on the stove in a small pan and simmer until the rice grains melt. Let the watery rice cool down on one side. When it cools, drain the water. Do not dispose of this water because it will be useful later.

Crush the rice a little and filter a portion of it enough to make a face mask. Leave the remaining rice on one side. Add a teaspoon of honey and milk on top of the rice. If your skin is oily and you have a large amount of stains, you can add a few drops of lemon.

After this process, the brass mask will be ready for use. Clean your face and apply the mask. In the meantime, massage your face for 1-2 minutes to allow the skin to absorb the mask minutes to . The mask needs 25 to 30 minutes. When this period is over, wash your face with water.

You can start preparing the rice cream while waiting for the mask to take effect.

2. Rice Cream For A Clear Skin Like Porcelain


2 tablespoons of boiled rice juice
1 tbsp aloe vera gel
2 pieces of vitamin E capsule
1 teaspoon of coconut oil (in solid form, you can melt it with the ben Mari method putting it in a little potato a bigger pot with  warm water)


When preparing the mask above, put 2 tablespoons of rice in the bowl. Add the aloe vera gel, the vitamin E capsules and the coconut oil on top. When you mix these ingredients beautifully, the skin whitening cream will be ready for use. Put this cream in a clean, dry glass container. You can use it for 1 week by storing in the refrigerator.

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* Make sure the rice is cooked thoroughly. Thus, they pass through the strainer easily and your mask will have the same consistency.

* When the rice begins to boil, you can use a spoon to take the foams and apply it to your eyes. Sure you have to wait till it is a little bit cold. These foams are effective on eye wrinkles, making them look softer and more ambiguous.

* These applications, which give the skin a feeling of tension next to illumination, are suitable for all skin types, but nevertheless, if you have a particularly sensitive skin, do not forget to test it on the inside of your arm beforehand.

Hilal Uslu

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