Celebrity Style- Monica Bellucci-My 15 Favorite Outfits

I like to observe celebrity clothing styles. Because they often get professional help, it is possible to find useful tips for my own styling too. However, some celebrities have a very different style from us. Still, we like them and look at their pictures with pleasure.
Monica Belucci is one of the celebrities whose style of clothing doesn't suit me at all. Monica Belucci has a very feminine body in hourglass form. Her clothing style is also very suitable for her body structure, feminine and sexy. Even though there are no clothes that every woman can wear in daily life, it suits her perfectly.
One of the people who managed to be feminine also with Blue Jean.
I've made a list of her clothes that I like the most.

monica belucci

Monica Bellucci: About Her Life

Monica Belucci is a İtalian actress and model, born at Citta di Castello (1964). She was a model, during her law education. Then she has gone to Milano and worked with the Elite agency. She worked with big fashion brands just like Dolce&Gabbana. At 1990 she started to work as an actress. Her first well-known movie was Bram Stokers Dracula.

monica belucci

With her 50 years old age, she was the oldest Bondgirl at Spectre (2015). She is the mother of two girls. 

Monica Belucci's Beauty Secrets

Monica Bellucci is known for being extremely comfortable. She says she likes her folds and doesn't necessarily have to slim down much. According to her, a woman should be accepted with her own body structure and should not be under pressure from society. The beautiful Italian star tries to eat as healthy as possible, four days a week swims for 45 minutes and does yoga occasionally. Especially after the birth yoga helped her to get fit. To go to the gym, she finds herself very lazy.
Her diet is as follows:
In the mornings she eats out of her croissants at breakfast, to the famous cornets of Italy.
Lunch, pasta with fresh tomatoes and tuna sauce.  After the meal, of course, she drinks espresso.
She usually doesn't eat anything in the evenings.

monica belucci
I think that Monica Belucci is one of the ageless women. What are you thinking about it?

monica belucci
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monica belucci
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Thanks for your visit. Have a happy stylish day. 

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