4 Ways To Make Your Legs Look Longer

Having long legs is something many people want, but not all of us have this chance. But it is possible to show the legs longer by paying attention to some things.

1.Wear the Right Shoes

1.1 Keep High Heels in Your Closet

One of the basic things to make the legs look long is to wear shoes that will extend your height. High-heeled shoes make your leg look longer and also show your calves longer.

However, it is necessary to avoid wearing stiletto-style shoes with long heels for a long time. This can damage the leg joints and cause chronic back pain.

1.2 Wear Shoes Close to the Color of Your Skin

If the colour of your shoes is close to the colour of your skin, you will have a long and uninterrupted appearance when you wear skirts or shorts.

1.3 Shoe Color Matched with Pants or Socks

Wear black nylons and black heels under your skirt or grey boots under grey jeans. This monochrome look, which descends downwards, shows the legs longer.

1.4 Avoid Ankle Strap Shoes

Horizontal bands cut the leg length, making it appear shorter.

1.5 Wear Above Knee Boot

Above-knee boots create a clean, seamless appearance of the legs. Ending under the knee has a similar effect, but longer boots are more powerful. Standard boots that end on the ankle, like ankle banded shoes, cut the leg and make it look shorter. Boots with a V-shaped front are exempt from this rule.

1.6 Effect of Pointed Toe Shoes

Pointed-Toe shoes show legs longer than round-toe shoes. Such a shoe is taller than a round toe shoe of the same size. It also creates the illusion that the feet and therefore the legs are longer because the nose is pointed.

2. Playing with the Silhouette

2.1 Make Your Clothing Fit Your Size

Choose clothes that fit well. Abundant cuts can make you look shorter.

2.2 Wear Monochromatic Clothing

When you wear the same colour from head to toe or in close tones, it is not clear where your legs start and end. All colours have this effect, but the effect of black and other very dark colours is enormous.

2.3 Use Dark Colors on Legs

Black has a subtle effect. To take advantage of this effect, you don't have to turn black from top to bottom. You can wear black tights, long socks or skinny pants under a superior colour.

2.4 Add Vertical Striped Clothes to Your Closet

Vertical details create an illusion of length by pulling the eye up and down. Therefore, vertical stripes are among the weakly showing patterns. You can take advantage of this by adding longitudinal striped trousers, skirts and socks to your closet.

2.5 Get Short Jackets

Choose short jackets. They show the lower part of the body longer. By the way, if your trunk is long, you should avoid open tops. They show the body longer, the legs shorter. Straight-cut, skirt-cut jackets can also make the legs look longer.

2.6 Be careful about cutting your skirts and dresses

If you want the upper and lower parts of your body to look balanced, choose the A-type skirts that show higher waist and longer legs. The so-called empire waist, which is cut with a transverse suture under the chest, shows the lower part of the body long.

2.7 Choose High Waisted Pants And Skirts

The eye naturally assumes that the leg begins where the waist begins. So, you need to wear high-waisted bottoms to make your legs look longer.

2.8 Insert Your Shirt

Inserting the blouse or shirt into the lower part has the same effect as certain high bottoms; that is, it shows the body shorter and the legs longer.

3. The Effect Of Skirt Tips And Hems

3.1 Show Your Legs

One of the simplest ways to make legs look tall is to show them. Wear shorts and short skirts. The shorter they are, the longer your legs appear.

3.2 Wear Asymmetrical Trimmed Skirts

The skirts, which end straight, cut the legs and show their height short. Those with short, long asymmetrical cuts make them look longer.

3.3 Stay away from the skirts ending in the calves

The calves are large muscles and especially the upper parts are thick. Instead of skirts ending up slightly below the knee, that is, a little below the knee, choose those long, knee-high or knee-high.

3.4 Wear Cut-Out Trousers That Run Right Over the Ankle

The trousers are shaved and go down to the ankle, leaving that part slightly exposed, making the legs thinner and taller.

Long pants that sweep the floor, too long pants shows that the legs are short.

4. Treat Your Legs in a Style That Will Show Them Long

4.1 Get Rid of Dead Cells

Rub your legs with a peeling mixture or shower gel to get rid of dead skin. You can shape your face to make it look longer as well as makeup. With exfoliation of dead skin, the legs appear smoother, spotless and clean.

4.2 Moisten

Use a good moisturizing lotion all over your legs. Moistened legs naturally look better and brighter than dry skin.

4.3 Use a Tanning Product

Take a quality tanning cream, oil or spray and apply it to your legs in a thin layer, following the instructions. Be sure to distribute the product evenly throughout.

4.4 Apply a Radiant Moisturizer

Apply a moisturizer to the skin where the light naturally touches your legs, for example between the kneecaps and heels at the front, in the middle of the calves and around the calf muscles.

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