How I Can Look Thinner-10 Best Ways To Look Thinner

look thinner than you are-styling tricks

How can you look thinner than you are? Of course, the best way to look thin is to lose weight, but you can look optically thinner with a few small tricks that you will wear on your clothes.

10 Best Ways To Look Thinner Than You Are

1. Get to know your body

There are certain types of body types and if you know which one you are, you can choose the right style of clothing.

6 Basic Body Types

2. Use black more

Black colour let us looking thinner than we are. Black is a light-absorbing colour and therefore makes us optically thinner. In addition, darker colours on the sides of the clothing can be seen by wearing more thin.

3. Choose vertical striped clothes

The vertical striped clothes let you look taller. So you look even thinner.

4. Stay away from the transverse line and plaid

Transverse stripes and plaid outfits show you more overweight than you are. It is good to avoid these clothes.

5. Avoid wearing too tight clothing

If your body's curves are not proportionate, very tight clothing will make your defects more evident. Use tight clothing carefully

6. V-neck let your waist look thinner

V-neck clothing optically shows the waist thinner.

7. Wear heeled shoes

High-heeled shoes show your height longer, your body looks thinner.

8. Choose silk, cashmere and chiffon fabrics

Silk, cashmere and chiffon fabrics are very thin so you can show your body thinner with those fabrics.

9. Wear high waist pants

With high-waisted trousers, you'll look thinner, because the hips will compile the abdomen.

10. Long shawls and necklaces

Choosing long shawls and necklaces as accessories will make you look longer and thinner.

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