How To Find Your Own Style Easily? 7 Important Points To Find Your Own Style

To be a fashion and style queen is difficult but not impossible. You can reflect your style around with the combinations you create by knowing yourself. The term at sign your style is one of the most commonly used patterns in fashion backstage, but do we really know the meaning of this term? First of all, the idea of ​​discovering its own style is a term that is used mainly among famous people. Those who want to be iconic in fashion are those who are aware of the necessity of being different from being identical. When we look at thousands of photos of the celebrities we see that they spent a long time trying to achieve this look, after discovering themselves and dressing in the way they felt happy, they signed their styles with happiness.
If you're tired of seeing the same things every morning when you open your wardrobe, I suggest you carefully review the rest of the article, if you just want to try on clothes, t-shirts, pants and something new. I'll give you some simple steps that will make you more like what you see in your closet. First, we need to know the shape of your body and learn to dress accordingly. Then you can start choosing clothes that you feel safer about. Since knowing brings you to accept, everything you see as flaws will be for you now. Every person is beautiful and you can choose the clothes that are equivalent to your beauty and join life with confidence. By accepting yourself, you can move on to other steps.

 1- Knowing Your Body Shape

The most important thing is to avoid being funny by getting to know your body structure and not selecting parts that don't match you. You can get help from your friends. Always have honest people with you. Don't run away from mirrors and cameras. I suggest you follow famous people who look like your own silhouette. So you can have more images to get an idea of ​​yourself. If you want to learn more about the body shapes, you can read my article 6 basic body shapes.

2- Find Your Favorite Parts, Your Signature Items

Many fashion icons have their own style signatures.  For example, Audrey Hepburn left her own signature at fashion world your signature item can be a colour, an accessory, clothes, shoe e.t.c.
Signature items are things that make you happy to wear them for years.
To achieve a successful style signature, you must use your chosen parts for years and gain meaning with you. Therefore, you must make sure that you have selected the right part. Because you will carry that piece you have chosen for many years and it should be a piece you are happy to carry. The trick of arranging number one cabinet is to create a tidy system. When organizing your wardrobe, I recommend that you sort the products in each category into separate sections. When you arrange the harmonious parts symmetrically, even if you go across your closet and examine your clothes with your eyes, it will be enough for you to easily combine them. For example, you can combine your favourite high waist jeans, blouses, t-shirts, shirts and accessories in your mind.

3- Stay Away From Clothes That Don‘ t Belong To Your Style

When organizing your wardrobe, get rid of all the parts that don't make you feel better. Usually, we hardly leave our things. We wear this if I go there, we wear it when we say we do not separate many clothes from our closet. It's time to get rid of them and clean our closet. When we gather them all together and deliver them to the people who really need them, our closet and then our soul will be purified.

Sometimes we are buying clothes but we don't wear them at all. We take care of the people we follow and collect the clothes they wear. For example, when we look at every blogger's page, we can see that they all wear Gucci t-shirts and maybe we should wear them. Just because it is fashionable, this dress that we bought will be a part of the ones that are not worn in the closet when it is a piece that does not reflect us. Now get rid of these pieces.

 4- Find Your Color

You have now found clothes that match your own silhouette. Now you have to find your colours. You can get help, especially with your skin colour selection. Colours are very important to make you look better. There are some colors that look more vivid when you dress her up, but there are some colours that make you look more pale and lifeless. A strong lipstick is an element that helps wear many shades.

5- Find Your Sister Style İcon

I suggest you find yourself a style icon. After knowing yourself both physically, spiritually and in colour, all you have to do is find your style icon, your soul and physics partner. There's only one thing you shouldn't forget. Take them as examples, but don't imitate them. Celebrities can be a useful inspiration for you. 

6- Edit Your Wardrobe

The ability to create your personal style solidly passes through neatly arranged wardrobes. According to one expert, the design capsule wardrobes should consist of no more than 50 pieces. A closet separated from unnecessary parts, arranged only with you and each other. 

7- Find Your Basics

Basic clothes are the pieces that every woman should have in her closet. They are the most important complement to our clothes. Like blue jean, white or black t-shirts. Find the basic pieces that fit your style and make sure you include them in your closet. So you do not waste time trying to complete your clothes and do not take risks.

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