What Is Capsule Wardrobe And How To Start With It ?

What is a Capsule Wardrobe and how can I start a Capsule Wardrobe? The term Capsule Wardrobe hides a concept that, roughly speaking, is about creating a wardrobe that is as minimalist as possible, and perfectly attuned to one's own needs.
Exactly as many parts and exactly the parts you need for life.
This should be included in the Capsule Wardrobe. Not more but also not less. 
The basic principle of the capsule wardrobe is to make your closet as simple as possible. You can simplify your life by keeping only 10-15 basic clothes in your closet.

Sometimes  it is a waste of time to think about what to wear. Did you ever imagina how many hours a year we are spending for our wardrobes? Believe me: A lot of time !!! Some famous people are wearing everyday the same clothes to save time. For example Marc Zuckerberg. He wears everyday a grey t shirt and jeans. Complicated styling doesn' t always the key to success. 
The author Alice Gregory is one of the practitioners of the capsule wardrobe movement. She thinks this is the cheapest and easiest way to look great. Everything is easier with the 3-5 pieces of clothing you feel most comfortable in and you feel most comfortable with. So you're getting rid of greed.

What Does Capsule Gradrop Give You?

You make better decisions: Instead of a secondary question like : What I wear today , you can make more accurate decisions by focusing on the important tasks you will do during the day. By reducing what you need to decide, you have a wider mental area.

You save time: savings in all areas of life should be essential. Avoid too much food is healthy for you. Keeping the basic parts you need in your wardrobe is also good for you. So you don't have to clean up or waste time choosing.

Your stress decreases: It's quite a tiring process to start thinking about what to wear a night before. Moreover, "What clothes would fit there?" 

You get rid of unnecessary expenses: We spend thousands of money a year to exchange clothes. But what we need is a lot less. The average number of clothes in a person's wardrobe is 30. But a few pieces of clothing is not enough to have experienced. Why should we need more? Reduce your expenses with the capsule wardrobe.

The purpose in this stream is not to dress better, to feel better. Every garment we buy starts to choke on us as there is a load on our closet. We can't give up anything. We continue to live with clothes that we cannot afford to throw but have not used for years. Capsule wardrobe can be simplified with the idea of ​​getting rid of all of them.

How to start a capsule wardrobe?

To start with a capsule wardrobe you need to reject your cloths that you don' t need. Making a list with your basic clothes helps you for the beginning. At my next article you can find basic clothes for your capsule wardrobe. 

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