March 16, 2019

10 New Spring Trending Item From Rotita Collection - 2019 Fashion

Another Rotita list today with spring 2019 trending items. Some very stylish casual blouses and a denim jump suit. You can combine blouses with jeans for a more sporty look. If you prefer a tight skirt or tight pants, you'll have a more stylish combination. In the same way, the shoe you choose will determine whether your combnei is sporty or elegant.
In everyday use I prefer blouses with a jean. I can also wear a jacket if it is colder. And as shoes I wear sneakers or boots. 

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                                                              Click to buy !!!

                                                                Click to buy !!!

You can also make a denim jumpsuit sporty or elegant. It depends on which accessories you preffer. Jewellerie, bag and shoes can change an outfit instantly.
So this was my list for today from Rotita trending spring items. Don' t forget that as a paypal customer you can win a gift grom rotita. This is a special offer for March 2019.
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  1. Like the styles. Aber mein Kleiderschrank ist selbst nachdem mein Mann gestern gesagt hat, wir gehen shoppen, sortier mal aus, noch voll. :(

  2. Wonderful photos and interesting post dear! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Rotita marka ürünler çok şık. Daha önce hiç bilmiyordum

    1. Güzel bir kolleksyonlari var canim 😊


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