Styling Tipps - Don' t Make Those Styling Mistakes At Winter

Even at minus degrees, we want to be stylish - that does not always work. Because far too often we make these styling mistakes (without knowing it).

1. Our sweater is too thick for our coat.

In the new super thick cuddly sweater with trumpet sleeves, you fell in love immediately. Unfortunately, you have made the bill without your winter coat. He's sitting pretty over the thick clothes now. Move freely? Not too easy. You look maybe 5 kg more with such a look :)

Our tip: Put on a cape! Such a wide-cut coat is perfect for wearing hip oversized sweaters with XXL sleeves underneath.

2. Our jeans beat wrinkles.

Sweater, skinny jeans, ankle boots - you can not go wrong with the look in winter. Do you think! Because the combination of tube and booties holds a styling trap that most women fall into: they do not roll up their jeans up to their ankles but leave the trouser legs long.

The result: The denim fabric lies on the ankle boots and beats wrinkles. Not only does this look unattractive, it also makes your legs look much shorter. The magic word in the jeans-booties combo is: Roll up!

3. We are wearing the wrong socks.

This leads us to style error number 3: If we roll up the trouser legs up to the ankles, in most cases ugly socks come to light. A real fashion faux pas.

To be on the safe side, you go with short sneaker socks. They remain invisible in the shoes. If it should be too cold for naked ankles, you can instead also to eye-catching eye-catcher stockings such as glittering socks in the 80s style.

4. Our layer look is unfavourable.

Layering is a must in winter. Finally, the layer principle keeps unbeatable warm. The problem: If we just wear any garments on top of each other, the layered look can quickly make you fat.

Important in layering is that the layers have clearly recognizable differences in length. For example, wear a long blouse underneath your sweater and combine it with a vest. So your body looks slim despite the many layers.

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5. We carry something inappropriate under our clothes.

The view of the weather app lets us shiver in front of the wardrobe: -2 degrees. So under the cuddly wool sweater still quickly an undershirt is pulled. Not nice, but at least the kidneys stay warm.

The problem: As soon as we arrived at work, we sweat broken. Just take off the pullover? It does not work! The undershirt is so not so business-suited.

So watch out in the morning for wearing something presentable under your sweater. A great example is a blouse. The combo looks stylish and is practical for the job.

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