How To Make Different Looks With The Same Clothes?

We women love to have a lot of  clothes and we like to wear different clothes every day. However, if you think about today's expensive living conditions, it is impossible to exchange so many clothes. It is possible for us to use the clothes we buy in different ways,  by making smart shopping. For example, we can use a jacket with both a sports combination and a cocktail style. Do you asking how? Today I wanted to give you some ideas by using the same outfit in different combinations. Let's see how the combination came up. I use for this blog post clothes from femmeluxefinery collection and my own clothes.

 pink jacket-femmeluxefinery 
Pink Rolled Sleeve Collared Jacket Madison

pink jacket-femmeluxefinery

As the first combination I wear a pink jacket with a flower patterned blouse, jeans and sneakers. A very suitable outfit for spring and summer days.

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As second combination I wear again the same pink jacket, with a black body and  black and white trousers and sandals. I can wear this combination now for a dinner or coctail or even a wedding party.

style post- how to style yourself

                                   Black slinky knot off the shoulder bodysuit - Ivanna

black bodysuit-femmeluxefinery

As third combination I wear again the same pink jacket, the black bodysuit, my sandals, the same black fringe bag and a skirt. You can also wear such a combination for a dinner, coctail party, an important appointmen e.t.c. If you don' t preffer a mini skirt, you can wear a knee lenght skirt too.

mini skirt

                                                   Black utility belt cargo skirt - Hope

Hoppla, and only with a shoe I have again a different outfit. Heels are suitable as well.

As a last outfit I have a black t shirt. I wear it today with a black long top, jeans and sneakers. You can use it as a short t shirt, with a mini denim skirt or short. So everytime you can have a different look.

                                                      Black Heart Lip Print Tee- Vanessa

I love to make different experiments with my clothes. I'm having fun and I'm saving my money. Accessories are also playing a big role to make different looks. Jewellery, bags, shoes, belts and scarves; even a hat can help you to create a new look in a short time.
As you know femmeluxefinery is my new favorite shopping brand. You can also check:


co ords

co ords- femmeluxefinery

Lounge Wear Sets

Knitted and Ribbed Lounge Wear Sets

They have always new items at their home page and it is very clever to take a look regularly. I am very curious about their autumn and winter collections too. This brand helps me to try something new at my own styling and I am thankfull about that. I get compliments every time I wear the clothes, and that proves I made the right decision.
I want to make a little reminder. When shopping online, pay close attention to the size and size information given on the sites. In my Femmeluxefinery orders, I'm ordering a larger size of clothing that I normally use. Dimensions vary according to each company. In some places we need to order a small, in some places a large size.
I hope you find my styling tipps useful. I will be very happy with your kind comments. Stay chic and stylish...

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