2019 Autumn - Winter - Trends

We talked about summer fashion all summer long. What should we wear at the beach, what should we do at weddings at invitations, etc.?
But we are slowly experiencing the last days of summer and it will not be bad if we prepare ourselves for autumn and winter fashion. I want to talk about some of the fashion trends that await us in the fall and winter of 2019.


Layering fashions will be the trend this season. Combining different styles worn on top of each other, this trend has been popular for the last few years.


Cowboy style will again be a favorite of the autumn and winter seasons this year.

Floral Patterns

Flower patterns will continue to be among our favorites this year as in recent years.

Fluffy Coats

Fluffy coats and jackets are both hot and very useful. You can also fit a few coats to your clothes in different colors.

Padded Wide Shoulders

The fashion of the 1980s came back to the laps. It may be sad news for those who don't.


Parkas are now as wide and plentiful as possible

Fake Fur

Fake furs are again very fashionable but please make sure it is fake


Tassels that we frequently see in bags, shoes, clothes and accessories will accompany us in the new season.

Work clothes

Uniforms such as firemen will sometimes replace everyday clothing :)


Cloaks are especially popular in autumn

Neon Colors

Neon colors that dominate summer fashion will be one of the colors we see frequently in autumn and winter.

Metallic and Shining Fabrics

Sheep Skin Coats


Clothing made of scarves, scarf patterned fabrics have become very fashionable in recent years.


Mirror-like fabrics will make you look cool.


Hippie and bohemian fashions will never out. You will use this delightful outfit and accessories summer to winter for a long time.


60's and 80's clothes and jackets are coming back. It was a horror time for me, but fashion welt is full with surprices :)

Sleepwear style

Pajama style clothes this year also very trend.

Checkered patterns

Checkered  fabrics will be in the wardrobes this winter.

Long dresses

Long and shabby dresses will give you comfort at any time of the day.

Leopard Patterns

Leopard designs had never left the fashion scene. Fabrics or accessories are always used since years. I preffer only accessories.

Ruffled clothes

Lovers of flashy frills will be very happy this winter.


Knitwear are indispensable in winter and autumn.

What are you thinking about this trends? Whitch one is your favourite? 

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