No More Trouble With Lost Keys - Rinex Key Finder - A Helpful Product

You came to the parking lot or the door of your house and what is that, you can't find your key. How many times did this happen to me? I lost very often my keys or I forgot them in another bag. This is a very frustrating situation. I look for it even though I'm sure it is not in my bag. Did it happen to you? So if I tell you that I have found the solution to this problem? What if I say our keys will never be lost anymore? With Rinex key finder, you will get rid of the annoying key loss problem. Working with the key finder app that you can easily download, Rinex key finder will allow you to easily locate your keys.
Rinex key finder that will make your life easier is as small as a key ring. You can find various colours such as green, orange and white. The price range varies depending on the option you choose. You can choose from three options: 1 tracker, 2 trackers and 4 trackers.
Rinex key finder app works with Bluetooth and allows you to find your keys easily.
Apart from your Rinex key finder for  keys, you can also use it for different options such as luggage and pets.
Avoid the hassle of losing and searching keys, suitcases, dogs e.t.c, with a simple smart tracker and an app. You can also give them as a present to your family and friends. I am sure that many people have problems with lost things.

Rinex Key Finder Products

rinex key finder
Rinex Smart Tracker White
Rinex Smart Tracker Green
Rinex Smart Tracker Orange

How To Use Rinex Smart Tracker?

  • Download the App
  • Turn on your Bluetooth
  • Sign up and make a new user account
Pair the rinex smart tracker to your phone
After connecting, hold the button on your smart tracker to find your phone. Your phone will make a sound. And just press on the ring icon at your App to find your smart tracker. When your smart tracker gets lost it will send you a Beacon signal. If the smart tracker disconnected to your phone sound a new alarm to inform you.

Don't miss this comfortable and useful product. No more troubles with your keys !!!

Rinex tracker is a US-based company. They have free shipping to USA and Canada.  
  • This is published in partnership with Rinex tracker.

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