New Hair Colour Trend Raspberry Bourbon - Hair Trends 2020

Raspberry Bourbon is the new trend hair colour

Brown hair with highlights in a raspberry tone - Raspberry Bourbon is the name of the new trend hair colour. Here is all the information about the perfect style for winter:
It reminds a little of the fruity spice and the warmth of mulled wine that belongs to winter-like cold and snow: Raspberry Bourbon is the name of a new hair colour that has already been selected by some experts as the new winter trend. And this trend is spilling over to us from the United States and Great Britain. Even if raspberry bourbon is apparently more of an association in North America, it would certainly be the mulled wine from the Christmas market that is suitable as an equally fruity and high-proof drink as an association with the winter hair colour. While we predicted a red tinge as one of the trends for the upcoming spring 2020, this is apparently already being initiated.

Raspberry Bourbon: This is how the hair trend is created

As a hair colour, Raspberry Bourbon is exactly what it sounds like: highlights shimmer in a berry red shade on a bourbon-brown base. Together this creates a warm and rich colour.  The best thing would be to first partially or completely highlight the hair with the balayage method, then the highlights should be covered with a medium brown gloss. Your hair artist would then highlight the highlights with a slight red cast.

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  1. No tengo una melena como la de la imagen (la tuve, siempre llevé el pelo muy largo y tenia mucho) un dia me lo corte muy corto, lo tengo casi blanco pero a veces lo llevo rosa chicle. Abrazos

  2. 2020 trend saç rengi çok güzel çok sevdiğim bir renk türü. Gerçi ben genelde sarı kumral arasi gidip gelsem de böyle renkleri başkalarında görünce bayılıyorum 😊

  3. Renk ve model çok güzel görünüyor.

  4. Hello Deria, thank you for following my blog, I will follow yours with pleasure! This hair colour is what I need, but I'm still stuck with a previous colour that is not so nice... Greetings from Belgium!

  5. Hi , i'm following u whith the #571. Kiss


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