3 Tips For The Perfect HairCut

Are you disappointed with your last hair cut? Then you should remember these tricks before the next appointment because there are no more bad haircuts.
No matter whether you want to have your tips cut, try a new colour or change your complete look, with these tricks you will leave the hairdressing salon satisfied.


3 Important Tıps For The Perfect Haircut

1. Bring the right pictures

The best way to show your hairdresser what you imagine is with photos. However, you should not choose images indiscriminately. Take your time and look for inspiration pictures of people who have the same face shape and hair structure as you yourself. Only then will the haircut you want to be realistic. Also important to know: Many hairstyles are shown in photos with light beach waves, but they only look half as good without waves! Think of your own hair structure here.

2. Find a hairdresser you trust

It is important to get on well with your hairdresser. He shouldn't talk you into anything you don't want. If you have found the perfect hairdresser, you should really trust him. In the best case, he already knows your hair structure and knows what suits you or what is possible and what you should rather leave.

3. Learn from your bad haircut

If you've ever had a haircut or hair color that didn't suit you at all, tell your hairdresser about it. Maybe you also have pictures? Your hairdresser will then understand better which direction you don't want to go and what to avoid. He/she can also give you the right advice and suggest great alternatives.

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