The Benefits Of Real Human Hair Extentions And How To Care Them At Home

Woman Hair. How Important They Are? 

Our hairs are very important to our women.  For centuries, women's beauty has become one of the most important measures of beautiful and well-groomed hair. Unfortunately, not every woman is lucky enough to have beautiful hair today. Today's stressful and unhealthy living conditions, diseases, and hair dyes can cause the deterioration of the quality of our hair. Hair loss is one of the biggest problems for women. One of the best methods that can help in this case is to use wigs. I find it better to feel more beautiful and people don’t look at me as if I am an alien. Unfortunately, they do that without thinking about how disturbing is to me. I am sure all women with less hair understand my feelings.
Unfortunately, I am one of those who have suffered from hair loss due to an illness. And after I gave birth to 3 kids I lost more hair. I always take a shortcut. Long hair is impossible for me. I think the best solution for women who cannot grow their hair is to use real human hair extensions. I am very interested in this subject because my hair is very less. That's why I'm always searching online for hair products, wigs, and extensions. I'm looking for a wig that won't be too conspicuous. It has to look natural. Of course, the first condition is to be made of real human hair. Hairgets, is a Chinese company that uses real human hair in wigs and extensions. When real hair is not used, it is obvious that you wear a fake wig and the hair shines strangely. However, this strange glare does not occur in real human hair wigs. Of course, there are a few more important points for me:

  • The quality of the material used for the inside of the wig. It does not sweat and itch. Otherwise, the scalp may be damaged more and may be very uncomfortable when used.
  • And I prefer washable wigs. The first question that I have can be how I can wash my hair wig. Because I was curious about this, I've searched for you.

How I Wash My Human Hair Wig?

  • Use warm or cold water. Never use hot water.
  • Use a good quality shampoo. There are special shampoos to wash the wigs, it is better to use them
  • Wash your wig with gentle movements and rinse thoroughly. Don’t scrub the hair
  • Use specially manufactured conditioner for wigs
  • Allow drying spontaneously if possible
  • You can use a special wig stander when you are not using your wig. Thus the form does not deteriorate

Products made from real hair sold by Hairgets company can be dyed and blow dryer. You can apply for the extensions yourself to your hair. I also like the fact that you have customer service where you can ask your questions. You can ask this specialist service which color and length you choose or different questions about the products.
The prices came to me ok. I find the prices not too high.
I would like to add some of the models from real human hair extensions and virgin hair extensions,  to my article as an example. So you can see how the models are. If you visit Hairgets, you can learn more about prices and other products.

Human Hair Extensions

Virgin Hair Extensions

What do you think about attaching wigs or using hair extensions? Have you ever used it? If so, what advice would you give me?

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