November 6, 2019

Glitter & Party Dresses From Femmeluxefinery - 2019 Party Dresses

I continue to recommend year-end party clothes at full speed. If you are going to attend Christmas and year-end parties organized by your company or friends, it is time to choose clothes. You don't have much time left. Today, I have chosen a few dresses from the femmeluxefinery site where I like the collection of party clothes.
At the end of my article, I would also like to share the clothes I bought from femmeluxefinery.

Glitter Dresses For A Fabulous Party Look

This dress was absolout my favourite. Maybe not for a company party or cocteyl, but for a friend party or a wedding party this should be the right dress for a glamourous look. İf you are not sure that suits your body you can check my article about shapewear . It can be helpfull to have one at your closet :)

A very sexy fabulous dress. An eyecatcher for all parties

I find this dress very elegant. It should be suitable for your company Christmas or year end celebration. With glitter dresses you don' t need many accesories. Actually it would be too much if you wear glitter earrings or a necklace. Maybe a very decent diamant earring and ring is enought. 

Be The Party Queen With Those Party Dresses

Red is always one of my favorite colours. I really love th sleeves of this dress. 

My Autumn Clothes From Femeluxefinery

And now I would like to share my own orders. A very light camel color coat. 

my style-style tipps

I hope you enjoy my article about glitter & party dresses. What are you thinking about my orders? I try to preffer always clothes that I can create many combinations. As you see the short tee with lipps was from my older orders from femmeluxefinery. I can also wear it with my other outfits. I love clever shopping. It helps me to save money and time. Read my article How To Make Different Look With The Same Clothes for more style informations.
Thanks for visiting and reading. I wish you all joyfull days at this time of year :)

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