Mini and Mini Dresses From Femmeluxefinery

Hello to everyone. I hope you are enjoying the warm, sunny summer days. I do. There is still too much job, since my kids are at summer holidays. But I take always some time for me and my blogs.
As all my readers know, I've talked about femmeluxefinery a few times this summer. I gave examples of the products of the company which has different style clothes collection and introduced the clothes I bought for myself. I am not taking too much risk for my styling, but I am happy that I said yes this time and I tried those wonderful clothes.
Today, I would like to give examples from mini dresses and midi dresses from femmeluxefinery. I've chosen some examples from both categories, but if you look at the company's web page, you'll find it difficult to choose among the most beautiful dresses.

Mini Dresses

If you visit femmeluxefinery home page, you can seen that those wonderful mini dresses are existing in different colors as black, white, purple, burgundy, pink, nude, orange, leopard e.t.c.  They are from size xs to size L (size 2- size 12)

                                      Black Ruched Mesh Strappy Mini Dress - Tegan

                                           Blue Mesh High Neck Mini Dress - Arella

                                         White Ribbed V Neck Mini Dress - Maryam

Midi Dresses

Midi dresses are also in different colors and patterns as white, black, orange, nude, leopard, e.t.c. And from size 2 to size 12 (xs to L)

                                       White Bow One Shoulder Midi Dress - Stacey

                                       Black Square Neck Strappy Midi Dress - Carly

                                        Camel One Shoulder Slinky Midi Dress - Dylan

I hope you liked the examples I selected for you and I am sure you will like the models on the site.
 An important style tip: Tight dresses can be very stylish and are eyecatcher at parties. However, if you have excess weight, you should be careful when choosing a tight dress. Fatty areas can cause a distinctly amorphous appearance . But don't worry, there is still a practical way to wear tight clothes. Corsets. Even the corsets for the whole body are now produced fromvery light and transparent fabric and without stitch marks. For the sake of being beautiful at a special night, you can get one and prevent the possible bad image.

My new order from Femmeluxefinery

Now let's see what I've got for myself. I talk about dresses, but this time I ordered 3 pants and 1 skirt for me. In a month we have autumn and it can be cold very quickly. Sure it means, you have to wear pants, pants, pants...

                                      Black Ripped Cropped Skinny Jeans - Anna 

Actually I have no luck with black jeans. But this time I find a black jean that I love very much and I feel very comfortable. I ordered one size bigger than mine, to wear it as a boyfriend jean. I like also the fabric quality. 

                                        Light Wash Ripped Cropped Skiny Jeans - Anna

This is also the blue color from my black jeans. I ordered this one a size bigger too to use it as a boyfriend jean. But if you order it at your exactly size, it is a nice skinny jean. 

                                                         Stone Utility Cuffed Trousers - Sunny

You can find this trousers from size 6 to 14 (Xs - XL) . This year was for me the beginning to cargo pants :) Do you remember my green cargo pant?

                                                 Dark Blue Denim Paperbag Skirt - Jenee

This lovely ruffled paperbag waist skirt is  very inn this sommer.

Today I wrote about femmeluxefinery mini and midi dresses and about my new orders. I hope you like my choices. If you are searching a new glamorous figure framing dress for a coctail party, wedding party or summer party or for a date you have to take a look to femmeluxefinery online page. These dresses are deffinately made for special moments. You will going to feel you as a special woman by wearing one of them. Strapless, backless, mini, midi, bodycon, mesh you have countless possibilities to find the right dress for you.
Thanks for visiting my blog, I always feel very happy with your kind comments. Have a nice, stylish day :)

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