Active Monday - 50 - Loose Weight With Green Coffee

Hallooooo from 50. Active Monday week !!! I have some sensational information for you about green coffee and a fantastic cardio dance workout video. 

Lose weight successfully: Green coffee melts the fat

Green coffee

Everyone knows black coffee, while green coffee is far less known. We reveal how it helps you lose weight
When you think of coffee, you automatically have the image of brown beans in your head. But when raw, coffee beans are green, and the brown colour only arises when they are roasted. Green beans can also be ground and then brewed, but the taste cannot be compared to conventional coffee. Rather, the aroma is described as bitter and slightly acidic and is said to be reminiscent of green tea.

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In addition to its stimulant effects, green coffee is known for its positive health effects. The green beans contain not only a lot of antioxidants that support the body's immune system but also so-called chlorogenic acid. It is a secondary plant substance that supports weight loss.

The chlorogenic acid in green coffee has a share of 45 to 70 per cent. It prevents the absorption of glucose in the intestine, which keeps blood sugar stable. The best thing: a mix of different antioxidants has been shown to influence chlorogenic acid in the metabolism and help to boost fat burning. Tip: It is best to enjoy a cup of green coffee after a large meal to make the pounds tumble.

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