Active Monday - 49 - Body Positivity

Hi my dear friends. At 49. Active Monday week, I would like to talk about Body Positivity. I have also a pilates abs workout for you. 

I can proudly say that I am a supporter of the body positivity trend that has become quite widespread recently in the world.  Today I wanted to examine this issue with you a little more.

What is Body Positivity? 

Body positivity is a social trend that supports our acceptance of our body type. It is not the body that is drawn with a pencil, which is common in the world and accepted as beautiful, or that conform to certain body sizes; it advocates that every person's body is accepted as positive or beautiful. We should not feel worthless because our bodies do not comply with certain norms. In fact, this trend is often misunderstood. I was even surprised to read that they accused this movement as a movement supporting obesity and obesity in the account of a few well-known names on social media. The University of East Anglia also published a report, arguing that this trend imposes on people that obesity is positive and will discourage weight loss. However, if you are fat, love yourself and not so thick body positivity flow, after any illness or accident includes loving yourself. Everyone can live healthy and do sports, but the body type may not be hereditary, like the ones social media is trying to impose on us. It can also be obese due to any drug use and disease, or cannot lose weight or want to. This is not why we don't love ourselves. Those who are ashamed of themselves are not only overweight, but those with ailments such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, body dysmorphia can also shrink to the world. 

The Body Positivity trend fights against all of these self-neglecting causes, so its scope is quite extensive. Moreover, because we love ourselves, choosing healthy living and doing sports is most important, not because we hate ourselves. The concept of being fit is also misunderstood. Just because you're weak doesn't mean you're fit. Weak, zero body and can be very unhealthy. Fit means that your body is in good health and condition. You are in good condition while doing sports. Ashley Graham, one of the supporters of the Body Positive movement. Even celebrities continue to support them with pictures and messages they share. Companies like AerieReal and Dove also organized campaigns and supported them. You don't have to be ashamed of your obesity or weakness, so you don't have to go into depression and try to hide yourself from everyone. Whatever your body type, you can enjoy life, fall in love, work and be happy with what you are. Of course, oh, now I'm always good to get lazy, eat all day and live without moving at all; or if you do diet and sport to death, you should also know that the damage will be to yourself.

This balance is in our hands. We should tell our children the importance of balance and try to raise healthy individuals. But we must also teach them to love themselves and to accept minor flaws. Actually, I will be very happy if this trend spreads even more and it is enough to put an end to the imposition of robot-human on social media. There are so many young and adult people who have been depressed and even committed suicide because of this pressure ... People lie under the knife when there is no health problem in order to comply with these norms. What about those who try all kinds of unhealthy methods to get down to the size of their body? We follow social media every day to check how many grams they give.

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Dove continues to support the body positive trend with its advertising campaigns and defend that women are beautiful in every body type. I always advocate for healthy living, healthy eating and sports. But I think it's a mental disorder. If you are already healthy eating and doing sports, if you do not have health problems; You should be thankful that you are not one of the millions of people who fight against diseases. Being fit means being in good health and feeling good. Of course, excess weight or excess weakness is unhealthy, but you should try your best efforts to correct this situation, rather than offend. Still, if you don't have a pencil-drawn type, that's not the end of the world. If you say, I wonder how many people in the world are accepted as flawless beautiful? By the end of the article, I would like to emphasize again that body positivity is certainly not a current that supports or supports obesity. Obesity is as much as we do not love ourselves; it is a dangerous health problem that can even lead to death. I will also touch on that later. Last thing I want to say is how you look, stay healthy, stay fit, stay happy ...

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