18 Must Have Styles In 2020 - 2020 Fashion Trends-What' s In?

We are now experiencing the last weeks of 2019. There isn't much left for fashion this year. I've also researched them a little bit about what's going to be fashionable in 2020, what's going on in 2020 fashion trends.
According to the major fashion giants, in 2020 I listed a few pieces that will surely be fashionable:

White shirt

The classic, elegant white shirts we know will be worn a lot this year. Fashion designers believe that white shirts can complement almost any outfit.


70 years of fashion goes back to live. I've never written that I never liked the 80s, but I love the hippie and bohemian style of the 70s. He must immediately search for suitable parts in the closet :)


This year we will find breezes in dresses and blouses that resemble the ancient Greek goddesses.


Bodysuits, which were fashionable years ago, will be among the 2020 trends.


Gothic fashion has in fact been a trend in recent years. In 2020 it will be used especially in prom dresses.


The wrap is outdated and the discussions don't take time from time to time. For me, the shawl is an accessory I cannot give up. I have hundreds of shawls at home. Fortunately, this year is among the officially accepted trends :)

Trench coat

Oh dear, I always hear you say trench coat is always fashion. But in 2020 a little different, futurist trench coat models will be trending.


Healthy cotton fabrics will be used in abundance in 2020


Especially knit bikinis and bustiers will be very fashionable in 2020.

Tropical Patterns

Tropical patterned dresses, shirts, blouses and any accessories you can think of will be fashionable.

Ton in ton looks

Monochrome suit clothes from head to toe will be fashionable again. In the past years, this year will not be stylish fashion designers have changed the idea again :)

Trench coat style dresses

Now we're going to wear overcoats as a dress, not a jacket. We actually started last year. I bought one or two of these dresses.


If you trust your body, you can wear your bralette on your trousers or skirt in 2020.

Ruffled clothes

I don't like ruffles, but fashion giants say it will be very popular this year.

Gold metallic clothes

We had already become accustomed to metallic clothes, but this year especially the golden colour is very fashionable.

Leather clothes

If you are going to prefer leather clothes, I suggest you choose imitation leather as an animal lover.


Disgusting laps of the '80s and '90s. I don't think I'm going to fit into this fashion trend.


Lace clothes had already entered our lives with the boho movement. Now we will see lace pieces in different styles.

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