Cord Pants Are Trend Again - How To Style Cord Pants?

For a long time Cord was considered old-fashioned - now the ribbed material is celebrating a comeback! How to style the trend properly, we reveal here.

In the 1970s, Cord was considered the stuff of intellectuals, in the dazzling 1980s, it was at most still seen as a velvety broadcord and in the 1990s, he finally disappeared from the fashion scene. But now the Rippschick celebrates a comeback of superlatives and gives our outfits a cool retro touch. Even model Bella Hadid (23) has discovered the trend for herself and dress her casually with a high-waisted cord.

That's why Cord is back in fashion

We owe the cord revival to well-known fashion labels like Gucci or Prada, who have chosen the rib fabric for the absolute autumn trend. Whether in bold colours or with floral prints: the designers cleaned up the once dusty image of the fabric and made it the star of their autumn collections.
Cheaper fashion labels have also adapted the trend. You can see cord pants everywhere. Especially popular are models in cognac, mustard yellow, emerald green or old rose. But it's not all about style: The dense cotton fabric serves as the perfect heat storage for cold autumn and winter days, making it a welcome alternative to jeans.

How to combine Cord?

The challenge with styling Cord is to avoid a stale look. The best way to do that is with a cleverly chosen material mix and strong contrasts. Fine materials such as satin, silk or viscose can be perfectly combined with the rustic cotton fabric and make the look modern.

If you want to make a statement, you can also implement the Cord look from head to toe. From jumpsuits to suits of corduroy jacket and skirt, everything is allowed this season. Bloggers and trendsetters love the combo with statement pullovers or wear corduroy to denim, leather, velvet or lace. One rule, however, is: the wider the fabric strips, the wider the cut should be, otherwise, the cord will wear quickly.

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