Active Monday -46 -What To Eat Before And After A Workout?

Hi, my dear friends. Here we are again with 46. week of Active Monday. I have some useful tips for exercise lovers and a leg video.

What should we eat before and after a workout? 

The fact that people consume the right foods before and after a workout is very important. Both to lose weight or to maintain weight, and to find the energy to do sports and to feed our muscles. It is not recommended to do sports on a completely empty stomach. However, if you are going to do sports on an empty stomach in the morning, it is better to consume something liquid. Like fresh fruit juices or protein drinks ... You can consume foods containing carbohydrates prior to cardio. If you are going to eat, you should wait at least 2 hours for sports. If you eat something too heavy, difficult to digest, it makes sense to wait up to 4 hours. One banana is one of the foods that will give you carbohydrate support. You can start the sport for 1 hour after eating. If you are going to do strength exercises, you should consume foods that contain carbohydrates and proteins. For example, a banana and a handful of protein-containing nuts. 

What should we consume after workout? 

After a workout, especially if we did exercises to burn fat, most importantly water, water, water. We should drink plenty of water. About 15 minutes after the sport, foods containing carbohydrates and proteins can be consumed. Fruit chopped yoghurt, nature yoghurt or milk muesli, some rice, pasta or potatoes and fish or meat and vegetables, salads, legumes can be consumed. If you cannot eat immediately, you should not spend 2 hours because otherwise muscle regeneration will be delayed.

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