Short Hair Trend İs Back. Are You A Short Hair Woman?

The pot cut is back

Short hair trend is back

charlize theron

Every day more celebrities, especially celebrities like Charlize Theron, apply a short hairstyle almost like a man hair cut.
A long time ago, there was such a short hair trend craze. Who don't remember Demi Moore 's hair in movie Ghost? It's like going crazy again. Hair of any colour is cut short. Of course, celebrities take the lead in this fashion as always.
However, this model is not suitable for everyone is a bit risky. How to cut our hair is also closely related to the shape of our face.

What Should We Pay Attention to in Hair Cutting?

The most important thing about hair beauty is the colour and shape of the hair. The most important point in determining the shape of the hair in the shape of your face. If you want to choose the most suitable hairstyle for yourself, you should first analyze the shape of your face and determine the most suitable hairstyle with your hairdresser. Firstly, people who decide to cut their hair should decide how to cut? Does every hair suit every woman, should women prefer short hair or long hair? Women also need to make a good decision on which hair to go to the shape and age of the face.
Round-faced women need to choose slightly more fluffy and voluminous models in the choice of hairstyle. In this way, the hair will come to the fore with the faces, the hair will not remain under the shadow of the round face.

Women with rectangular facial structure choose hairstyles that will close the temple bones while choosing hairstyles, and make them look more beautiful. It is also beneficial to have the hair crossed the jawbones. If you want to have a square face structure, the most suitable hairstyle is similar to this. But if you want to be a little smoother, you can also choose round hairstyles.


If you have an inverted triangular face, you will have an effective hairstyle by cutting the upper side of the hair with a short, voluminous, short neck and sides. It is important that your hairdresser does not shorten the sides in long face models. Make sure that the hair does not come to the front on round faces.  Because the face is small does not give a good image. Oval-style face models should be short sides of the hair. Asymmetric cuts should not be feared. Every woman and every man wants to look beautiful. If looking beautiful is important and indispensable for you, you should start the change from your hair.

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