How Does The Haistyle Stay In Shape Under The Hat?

Help with hat hairstyles

How does the hairstyle stay in shape under the hat? Keeping the shape in winter is not that easy. But with these simple professional tips, your hair will no longer be out of line.
Wintertime is hat time - and if you take it off, you usually have to do a new styling because the headgear has once again a bad form.

If the hair is full, it becomes less flat

So that cap wearers, as soon as the lid is off, do not have to rework immediately, they should do the preparatory work. You have to treat the hair with moisture conditioners. "That saturates the hair,"  And when the hair is full, it becomes less flat. Wax in the hair also helps to keep the shape afterwards.

3 Tips For The Perfect Hair Cut

What mainly destroys the hairstyle is the warmth under the hat. Here some advices : "Put on the cap shortly after washing, then the hair will not be so puffed up." Especially women and men with strong curls or frills could avoid an unsightly insurrection.

Fine hair is particularly easily attached to the head under a hood. But you can work with it - if the hairstyle is shaped by the hat. For example, women could part their hair on the side and braid it at the back. It is best for men to comb their hair so that they do not stand up, i.e. to the front or to the side instead of upwards. "If the pony gets too flat, you can let your hair lookout in front,"

The main thing is casual

It is important that the hair caresses the face.  "It matters a lot when the hair looks out at the sides." So leave short hairstyles a bit longer so that the hair appears under the hat. It is important that it looks casual, the pony should not be cut too accurately for this, the hair should also be frayed on the neck and ears".

You can also blow-dry the pony and ponytail. Hairdryers with an ionizing effect could also help. They are intended to prevent the hair from becoming electrostatically charged. Caps with a low percentage of polyester additionally reduce electrostatics. Because it is nice when it crackles, but not on the head, please.

The choice of headgear is, of course, a matter of budget. Wool or crochet sets are good and cheap alternatives.

The hat shape is not decisive

Whether you made it yourself or bought it: "The shape of the hat is not decisive, it is more important that the headgear matches the style and type,"

If you like fashion, I recommend hats in bright colours such as yellow, red or green.  The sailor-look roller caps that end just above the ears are more of an "indoor trend".

Certain hats for certain faces?

There are some styling rules for certain face shapes and hat types. A hat pulled low over the forehead looks less likeable. Because: "The freer you leave your face, the better you can recognize people."

When everything stops working

And when the hat is off? With more complex hairstyles, dry shampoo can save a lot. Just put a little powder spray in your hair and work through it casually with your hand. Men have it easier again because hairstyles with short contours are hip: easy care and coiffed with wax.

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