How To Wear The Kajal (Kohl Pencil) İn The Right Way?

Do you always wear the kohl pencil directly on the eyelid or do you avoid kohl pencils because the hard lines remind you of bad makeup fails from the 80s? Then you should take this trick of a make-up artist to heart.

To bring expression to the eye, kohl pencils are always beneficial.
Kohl pencils? In our mind's eye, terrible pictures are going on: black painted, completely smudged eyes and unfavourably hard contours. But then it tells us what we have always done wrong:
Many use the kohl pencil directly on the skin. This usually gives a very hard line and getting them away is very difficult.

Ahhh, that's the problem. To create a beautiful look with smooth lines, we should never apply the kohl pencil directly to the eyelid. If we use a brush instead, the lines immediately become soft and tender. So we save the complicated veneering afterwards and avoid too hard or odd lines.
For this, we use a rounded eyeshadow brush, which is intended for blending. Apply the paint to the brush and apply directly to the lash line and the waterline. Not only is this eye make-up super easy to replicate, thanks to its creamy texture, but it also keeps all day long. Especially when travelling, you have to get by with little products and can still create different looks. Both black and coloured kohl pencils can be used.

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