Trendy Lipstick Color In Winter - Merlot Red

In the dark season, the make-up may be a bit more subdued - so we swear now on this lipstick trend.

In winter, red wine is not only served as a companion to hearty food, but it also appears as a new colour for the lips - on the one hand, discreet and muted, on the other hand as a contrast to the paler complexion. This nuance can be described as Merlot, which only sounds like the name after the cold season. We can see it in the perfect combination with dark autumn looks or monochrome Camel outlets.

Merlot Red: This lipstick colour is the entire winter trend

At low temperatures, you may want to use less flashy colours, more appropriate seem dark tones that still provide an elegant make-up look without pushing to the fore. You can also go in the direction of the berry tones, which bring along a lot of naturalness and yet stand out remarkably enough from the skin.

This is the best way to put on the merlot-red lipstick

Contrary to other trends, the dark red lips are back to perfection: That's why we precisely paint the lips and make up a covering layer. Here we have to work with a lip liner to give the mouth the right contour and a final edge - this also facilitates the application. Especially important is the previous care, because the lips should not be brittle, but look very soft. Especially in winter, it may help to first apply a Balm on the mouth and to care for the very sensitive skin. So we guarantee a stylish look for the cold season.

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