My First 3 Lipsticks At 2019

My cosmetic oppening this year was with lipsticks. I have to say that I am a real lipstick maniac. I love dark, intensive colors at winter and light glowy colors at sommertime. 

So at my last Bipa visit, I see that there is a very attractive sale at lipsticks. Sure I bought quickly three of them:)

I am buying too much lipstick every year that at least I can not finish them. But anyway, this is me :)

1. 050 faded fairy. A Look by Bipa lipstick from Perfect In Sheer collection. This is a very light lipstick, almost transparent. It glows and cares the lipps with the Avocado Oil. At this collection there are eight colors. 
2. 050 chocolate on top. From Perfect In Cream collection. A very intensive glowy chocolate color. İngrediens such avocado oil, vitamins A, D, E und Omega3 are protecting and caring the lipps. At this collection there are nine colors. 
3. 020 burgundy twist . This is a burgundy color lipstick from Perfect İn Matte collection from Look by Bipa. They are high pigmented matte lipsticks . Those longlasting products with sheabutter and vitamin E are protecting the lipps. At this collection there are 15 colors. 
My make up is very poor. I am using only mascara, kajal and lippstick. I hope you like my new lipsticks, I am very happy with them. 
I will be very happy with your comments. Thanks for reading. You can also share my post if you like it. Have a nice day. 

  • This is not a promotion post. 

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