Hair Care At Home - DIY Hair Care Oil

Haircare at home

In most people, there are periods of hair fall weak. Due to malnutrition, hormonal causes, genetic or external factors may cause hair loss.
Excessive washing of hair, not to allow lubrication, external applications, especially hair loss is one of the reasons.

How to Prepare Hair Care Oil at Home?

1 teaspoon sweet almond oil

1 teaspoon of sesame oil

1/2 teaspoon castor oil

2 bulb beaten

2 ampoules of vitamin E


All the ingredients are put into a warm bowl and mixed.

This mixture is then slowly fed into the scalp by massaging.

Massage for about 10 minutes. After waiting for 1.5 hours in the hair wash your hairs very well. After the washing process is finished, apply the rinse with a special mixture.

hair care

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Special rinse water mixture

1 litre of water 1 tablespoon sage, nettle, rosemary, ponytail and 2 teaspoons lavender is put and boiled. After waiting for a while, filtered. You can mix this special rinse water with 10 litres of clear water and use it for approximately 4-5 washings.

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