How Colors Effecting On Our Lives? - Style Yourself With Right Colors

Color therapy provides the physical, spiritual, emotional and emotional relief by establishing the energy and balance of the colors. The color therapy, which was introduced hundreds of years ago in Tibet, has become more scientific in time.
It was determined that the colors of the clothes and clothes that people wear in their daily lives reveal their moods. Each color has separate energy. Even the right color can be effective even in diseases.


White is the basic of all colors. It is the color of integrity, correctness, purity, purity.


People who have problems should use orange or red. These energy-filled colors load the person who uses the energy they carry.
Red and orange should not be used in tense and angry moods. Also red is an appetizing color.


If during high blood pressure or high fever blue is used, a decrease in blood pressure or fever is observed. Blue reinforces feelings of inner serenity, love, peace, calmness and peace. Suitable for use in living rooms in homes. If food is used in refreshed places, fatigue may be felt after eating. Corporate identity is the ideal color in color choices.


By low blood pressure, circulatory dysfunction use red; by pain in joint pain, intestinal laziness to use yellow or think helps.

Pink is known as the color of emotion and pure love. It is thought to have the characteristics of strengthening the feeling of protection and alleviating pain.


Green, trust color. Provides sharing, generosity, peace, stability and calmness. It represents life and renewal. Light tones can be used in living rooms. Ideal for children's study rooms.

Brown, dignity and color of the leadership. It reinforces the feelings of education, education, culture, art, confidence and soundness.

The color of navy, harmony and success reinforces being calm .


Purple reinforces the color, nobleness, balance, self-confidence, calming and relaxing feelings of the spiritual world. Light tones are ideal for bedrooms.

Yellow, intelligence and intelligence color, hope, inspiration and reinforce the feelings of management. It emits a warm and bright energy to the places where it is used. Most preferred areas are kitchens and student rooms.


Black, power and individuality color, passion, greed, stubbornness and active color in the feelings of opposition. You should avoid using black at home. When used with silver and gold colors, it supports the life force and strengthens the immune system.

To take advantage of the energy of colors, you don't only need to use that color in your clothes. You can get the energy of that color even by thinking.

It is necessary not to use the same color. For example, when you use blue constantly, you may feel angry when you are using lazy, stagnant, continuous red. But if you love blue, you can balance it with orange. The excess yellow color radiates energy of irritability, tension and fear.

Lila, blue, green and pink colors should be preferred in the walls of the houses, in furniture and in decoration and in reminding the peace and tranquility.

Corporate brands also have their own colors. They use their own colors in their logos, packages, websites, social media pages. Colors are very important in the minds of a brand.

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