Active Monday-11

It' s Monday again and as I promise at the beginning this year 2019, I share every Monday a workout video to motivate myself and my readers. I hope you find it usefull. This week I choose a joyfull cardio for you. Enjoy it :)

Health Tipps Of the Week

Benefits of Brazilian Walnut

Growing in trees up to many meters in length, Brazilian walnut is a health bomb food rather than a snack. Selen, found in very little food, is found mostly in Brazil walnut. The second is the oyster, and the third is the tuna. It also contains protein and magnesium. Gluten-free and poor in carbohydrates, sports for those who want a healthy diet and also makes this miracle fruit is very attractive. In addition to this, it is also mentioned that it increases the amount of sperm and fertility in women.

How much should we consume?

You can consume 4-5 pieces of Brazil walnut each day. My suggestion,  the amount of nuts you want to consume for the day and put it in a bowl. Or if you're going out, you can put it in a plastic bag like me and throw it in your bag and have a snack.

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