How To Wear A Pencil Skirt?

How to wear a pencil skirt? Pencil Skirt Models For You

The pencil skirt is a skirt model with a narrow and straight cut over the knee or just a click on the knee.
The most prominent feature of this skirt is that it is narrow and wraps the body like a pencil. Every woman must have in her wardrobe. When it comes to the reason, whether you have a sporting style or classic or hijab style, there are detail pencil skirts that do not matter.
Another plus of the pencil skirts is that it is very comfortable for any place to visit. For a party, an appointment or dinner.

How to wear a pencil skirt?

A stretched fishing blouse, a stylish crop top, a shabby sweater or T-shirt, shirt and any style you can think of the best combination with almost no problem. Enjoy dinner with a stiletto underneath or a coffee with a flat ballerina.

Pencil skirts give you a different elegance each time according to the clothing and accessories you choose. Especially in shirt preferences, the use of the pencil rather than over the skirt will create a more beautiful atmosphere.

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  1. Lo mas importante de la falda lápiz es tener un tipo adecuado, luego ya hablamos del largo y de como lucirla jeje, Un abrazo

    1. Thanks for your comment dear. Have a nice day :)

  2. If I loose wight I will try this combinations :)

    1. I am sure pencil skirt will suits you very well :)

  3. Um tipo de saia lindíssimo, mas que infelizmente só fica bem às mulheres mais magras...
    De qualquer forma adorei as sugestões!


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