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What is the difference between vintage retro and second hand?

Some terms from the fashion industry are going viral, especially today. One would think that everyone would know what is behind terms such as vintage, retro, or second hand.

Sure, every fashion-conscious person has heard the terms before. But the exact definition is known only to a few. And where is the line between vintage, retro, and second hand?


 Rotita Vintage Dresses

Hardly any other term is currently used as often as vintage, especially in the fashion scene, designers like to throw the term around.
The real meaning behind it is only known to a few. In fact, the word "vintage" has its origin - how could it be otherwise - in the English-speaking world.
The word means something like exquisite or venerable and was used in the process of the grape harvest. The oldest wine was always the best - and therefore quite “vintage”.
Converted to fashion, the term is applied to creations from older fashion collections. It does not necessarily have to be used - second hand - fashion. New, unused stocks from stocks are also referred to as vintage if they were produced in the last few years or decades.
In any case, the fashion was pretty trendy in its day - and therefore pretty "vintage".


what is second hand

So vintage fashion can be new or used. With second hand, however, the case is clear. This includes used fashion that has already been worn at least once.

A vintage dress can be second-hand fashion, but it doesn't have to be the other way around.
In the past, used clothing was considered useless and was therefore given to the poor under-viewing. This is no longer the case these days.
In almost all larger cities, second-hand shops also offer worn fashion for the middle class. In the assortment of the shops, some precious rarities have been sorted out elsewhere.


retro fashion

The clear distinction between vintage and retro lies in the age of the goods. As already described, vintage fashion is definitely from an older production.

Retro fashion, on the other hand, is a new merchandise that merely copies an old fashion style. Retro fashion can look like flared trousers from the 1970s, but it has only just been manufactured.

It is therefore extremely rare that current retro fashion can be found in the second-hand shop. This is only the case if the retro shirt or trousers were produced a long time ago. By the way, the term retro is short for retrospective and means something like looking back.

But regardless of whether it's retro, vintage, or second hand - classics such as the t-shirt or the handbag are available in all years.

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