Fear Of Going To School Because Of Corona-How Can Parents Help Their Kids?

What do I do if my child is scared of school?

corona time and school

Even if students are suffering from pressure, they have to go. But how can parents help their children?
Many students are afraid of starting school soon. Because this time it is different for our children to go to school differently than usual after the holidays! Somehow that's already clear. But how aware are we really that returning to everyday life, to a "normal" life after the Corona shutdown is also a very special and extraordinary challenge for our children?

My two young children are just going to school and we get worried as the list of measures to be taken from school comes.
kids fearing from school

Leaving the safe four walls, going back to school, makes the possibility of getting infected, getting sick yourself and then maybe even infecting family members (including those belonging to the risk group), absolutely concrete for our offspring! And for many young people, in addition to these worries, there are other concerns and fears.
The virus has been omnipresent for weeks, topic number 1, it has changed our behaviour, turned our lives upside down, and fueled uncertainty and fear. This uncertainty and anxiety have long since reached our children - even if you as parents may not feel any real fear. Our children watch television, listen to the radio, are networked, from a certain age they have a cell phone and / or PC and thus have access to the Internet.
We all find it difficult to evade the subliminal worries about the future, after all, we are empathic beings, have mirror neurons and just as a smile is contagious to my counterpart, uncertainty and fear are also transmitted.

school time and corona

Long-term uncertainty, worry and fear undermine (self) confidence and usually lead to even more insecurity and fear, negative thoughts lead to further negative thoughts - also in our children.
For those who graduate from school this year, the pressure, uncertainty and excitement before the exam have often multiplied. Due to the lack of lessons, many find it difficult to judge where their level of knowledge or grades are because there is no direct feedback. Then, in many places, important written work of the school year has not yet been written and must be mastered in addition to the final exams. Some may also fear that one or the other work might now be cancelled and with it the chance to improve their grade in one or the other subject.
But especially with students who have had unpleasant experiences with school, the thought of having to go back to school can awaken old memories, which, together with the underlying insecurity due to Corona, can lead to a real fear of school and panic or to a deep hole.
On the other hand, this situation can offer a good opportunity and chance to finally dissolve exactly such old blockages and fears, to discover ways to deal with pressure and stress and to develop mental strength and self-confidence so that they return to school is simply easier.
In any case, as parents, as teachers and as a society, right now, shortly before the eventual exit from the corona shutdown and the prospect that the schools will open again soon (our Schoolbegin is this Monday), we are particularly challenged to ask our children and listen to them is about being there for them and accompanying them with empathy, creativity and awareness on their way back to school.

schoolbeginning and corona

For this, I wish everyone, big and small, a lot of strength, trust, patience, love and good luck.

P.S. All unpleasant topics, be it pressure to perform, self-doubt, poor grades, problems with classmates, teachers or subjects that were there before the shutdown, can now feel like an insurmountable mountain for many students shortly before the start of school, they can be an enormous burden and fear do.

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