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Our 2019 Halloween Party At Home

Our 2019 Halloween Party At Home

We completed the month of October with health and peace. The weather was a little bit cold in recent weeks, but it's ok for this time of year :) In October, except for school and daily rushes did not experience an unusual development in family. We finished the last winter preparations of our garden. We celebrated my birthday on October 27th. Thank you very much to all the friends who wrote congratulations.

As you can see in the first picture, we celebrated every year's traditional Halloween celebration with the children. The preparation of these things at home is always very funny and I enjoy it. I love to prepare activities that will make children happy. First I made the evening preparations and decorations.

Good thing, there are plenty of materials to decorate at home :) Already the most pleasant part of preparing this kind of surprises is the impatience of children waiting in the planning and preparation stage.

This year I made a change and I would like to be a little bit scary, but I guess I didn't get enough :) We didn't have such fun activities when we were kids, thanks to the kids now I'm having fun :) It's not very clear in the picture but there are spiders in my gauze :)

Such a pitty that my older Son didn' t want to joy other party :)

And finally, the owner of the party came down to the kitchen and they were very happy with the decorations. Good job mama :)

First we told each other horrible :) :) stories. I confess my daughter thought the most terrible :) Then we watched a Halloween movie.

When it was dark, we went looking for the Halloween candies I had hidden in the garden.
They gathered the loot and entered the  home happily. So I made them happy and I was happy too.

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  1. That is so wonderful! It looks like you celebrated Halloween in a fun and exciting way!

  2. Replies
    1. I am glad that you like our decorations :)

  3. So beautiful! Here in Italy this party is hardly heard, but it would be great to go to America and celebrate like this ☺️☺️

    1. Actually , I am at Austria and here is also not a big celebration. I would like to see a big Halloween celebration too :)

  4. Very good decoration dear :)


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