14 Important Rules For a Succesfull Relationship

Do you think there is a magic formula for maintaining a happy relationship with the person you love? What keeps a couple together for years? What is the secret for a better life with your other half ?Are there specific rules for a relationship to succeed? Of course there are some main rules for this, Today I wanted to talk about them:


14 Important rules for a successfull relationship

  • Both sides are able to survive on their own, but they remain together. Dependence depreciates a relationship
  • Willingness to lead a common life
  • Both parties must be morally lucrative in a relationship
  • It is very important to be able to speak clearly. Feelings and wishes that cannot be put in place may be a problem in time
  • Respect each other's feelings
  • During the discussion, the other side without humiliation to speak their own truth and seek a common solution
  • Take care of yourself

  • Care for the person you love and try to make her/him happy
  • Not trying to change the other side
  • Admit that you can get angry with each other
  • Keeping promises
  • Knowing and respecting each other's need for special time. Not all hobbies need to be the same in a relationship
  • Laughing together
  • Support each other in difficult times

Those were some important points for a happy and long relationship.Don't forget that running a relationship is like running a project together, and both sides need to devote time and effort. I wish everyone would find the heart twin...

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