My Blog Anniversary - How Being a Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger Changed My Life?

Today deriasworld celebrating the 3rd anniversary.  As you know I have 2 more blogs. I wasn't quite sure whether I would continue this blog three years ago. I'm actually a blogger for almost 5 years, but I've had limited knowledge of shopping and fashion. Yes, like every woman, I also like to shop, I like to research fashion suggestions. But I can't say I'm a fashionista. I mean, I can't just wear everything to fit into the fashion. I have a simple, casual  and sporty style. I love to wear  a variety of casual accessories. I use boho accessories and silver jewelry. I don't do much makeup. I wouldn't even take anything on my skin. All I use is kajal, mascara and lipstick. That's why I was so shaky at first. I should have stayed true to my own style, I should have behaved like a fashion icon even though I didn't feel like it. But I realize that even if I don' t use much make up, I love to care my body and skin, I love care products, perfumes, nail polish. There are also a lot of thing that I can share with other women.

Over time, especially in my own style and plus the style I've done in the way I've received a lot of admiration, I realized I was on the right way. It is very important that we know the way we feel comfortable . I find it very enjoyable to share  my favorite clothes and accessories. And also I share some trendy advices for my readers with different tastes or sizes than me. I am learning everyday with my blog.
Other than that, of course, I am very interested in home decoration and different shopping offers.
Actually, writing a fashion and shopping block didn't change me, but it made me find myself. Now I make every purchase more consciously considering my blog. With Active Monday, I am motivating to be an active woman and of course I must say a big thank you to my wonderful guest authors Hilal, Seyhan and Esra.

My lovely guest authors

We published 396 posts at three years and we have had over 300.000 visitors.
Thanks to all my readers that visiting everyday my blog and motivating me to write .

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