All You Need To Know About Christmas Decoration- 35 Christmas Decoration Objects

Magic Christmas decorations are just part of the holiday season. But what is actually allowed in the Christmas decoration? What you should know about a perfect Christmas decoration and the necessary security at your home, you can find out here.
Christmas is a celebration of emotions. Around Christmas there are countless old and younger traditions and customs. Particularly popular is the extensive decorating  the house and garden for Christmas. So color and light come in the dark season. But there are, as with all traditions, here also minor things to note. For example, the question from when and until when may be decorated. And what should the rest of the year do with the decoration? The most common questions we answer here.

When may the Christmas decoration be affixed?

Actually, may be decorated throughout the year. However, there are social norms from when and until when is usually decorated. Of course, nobody can forbid you to decorate already in August. But it is best to decorate homes for Christmas special time of the year to capture the magical atmosphere. So you can wait impatiently  for the rest of the year.

In Austria, it is customary, at the earliest after  Halloween, but usually only in December, to attach the Christmas decorations.

When the deck is decorated depends on the area. In Protestant areas is traditionally decked for January 6. In Catholic regions, on the other hand, you can spend time until 2 February. Maria Lichtmess ends Christmas time at the latest.

But whether it is decorated or not depends on the decoration itself. If your Christmas decoration is very wintry, you can of course leave it much longer without the neighbors looking awkward. By contrast, the nativity scene probably has an oblique effect on many neighbors in the middle of February.

Stash Christmas decorations safely throughout the year

As soon as you have decorated, the Christmas party is already here and over again. The Christmas decorations spend most of the year stowed away in a dark corner, waiting to be released next winter. Especially timeless Christmas decorations can be reused for years. For this, they have to be stowed safely and yet space-saving the rest of the year. If you have a cellar or an attic, you have found a good place here. Alternatively, the Christmas decorations can also be stowed away in the closet or in other suitable furniture.

For the order is partly the packaging in which the decoration was purchased. Then the decoration is well padded and nothing gets in disorder. Alternatively, cardboard boxes are also suitable. These should be labeled so that you do not even have to rummage through the year to find the things. It is also worth it if you put away the deco neatly. This prevents damage and ensures that you do not have to search. Instead, you know where to find everything.

Stow glass balls safely and store

Ideal are boxes with separation compartments. This not only saves space and protects the balls from breakage. It also prevents unsightly scratches in the paint, which arise when the balls rub against each other. You should avoid the plastic cylinders in which you can buy bullets often today. These consume too much space and the balls scratch each other over time.

Boxes with compartments can be stacked perfectly and the balls are safely stored. It is important that the cartons have a certain stability, so that the pressure during stacking does not damage bullets. Ideally, the compartments have different sizes or can be adjusted in size. It is better, however, if the separating strips are firmly connected to the bottom of the carton. So they can not slip or fold.

Fairy lights without balls

Every year, somebody in the family has to sacrifice time and nerves to unravel the coils of Christmas lighting. It almost seems as though it were a precondition for making the things that they should become entangled in storage to large, confused lumps.

Who wants to announce the cable tangle the fight, which should wrap the fairy lights around cardboard strips. At least one notch for the beginning and one for the end of the cable should have the cardboard strip. It works even better if you cut in the strip on both sides at regular intervals. So you can fix the cable again and again.

Timeless Christmas decoration

The classic colors of the Christmas decorations are warm red, festive green and ice cold white. Colorful tree balls and the Christmas tree itself have now become the symbols for Christmas. This decoration is always and can be cleared out even after years, without noting how old the decoration actually is.

Christmas decoration is varied. These include timeless things like:

  • White fairy lights
  •  Candles
  • Advent wreaths
  • The star for the Christmas tree
  • Tree balls
  • Winter wooden structures that can also stand as winter decoration
  • Carved figures

Modern Christmas decoration

Colorful decoration is now trendy. Today, bullets can have many more colors than just red, gold or white. Even colorful fairy lights, which are usually operated with LED, are no longer the NoGo of days gone by. Anything is allowed: Whether brightly colored and exaggerated cheesy to classic and peasant everything is possible.

Not only the colors have changed. The materials have also become more diverse. Classic glass balls, wooden hangings and straw stars get company by non-flammable plastics. Wax candles are replaced by fairy lights or even single LED candles without cables with flickering effect.

There are real or artificial fir garlands around doors and stair railings. The pillows are provided with Christmas covers. Red or green tablecloths and chair covers give every family dinner the shine of a "perfect dinner". In the meantime, the decorated door wreath has also become the popular accesoir of the pre-Christmas home.

When can you buy Christmas decorations?

Of course, on the internet, Christmas decorations are available all year round. There are even some shops that specialize in Christmas decorations throughout the year. Otherwise: Christmas decoration can usually be purchased from October or even September, but at the latest after Halloween. Once the Halloween decoration has disappeared from the shops, Christmas decorations can be admired everywhere. For my article today I used pictures from Bangood Christmas Decoration Objects. You can check here the very cheap prices and other products.

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Safety at the Christmas decoration

In Advent and around Christmas, the fire department has a lot to do. Reason are dry wreaths and trees. Candles can quickly ignite the branches and dry fir burns quickly. Therefore, candles should never burn unattended. In addition, electric candles are much safer on the tree. Dangerous can not only be open fire. Even broken, poorly secured or incorrectly mounted electrical decorations such as fairy lights can be risky. Cables should therefore always be in perfect condition and fairy lights with broken cables must be replaced. Children should not play alone with the Christmas decoration. It is often fragile and especially small children can injure themselves at the decoration. The situation is similar with domestic animals, which only too easily pass on the Deko.

If you use real candles instead of electric candles, it is advisable to have a fire extinguisher  at hand. It may happen that fir trees or Advent wreaths catch fire, then it is important to act quickly.

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Legal for the Christmas decoration

Decoration is always a matter of taste. While this is less complicated in the house, the decoration in the garden can also cause quarrels with the neighbors. In fact, you must not put everything in your garden. Are the lights on the fence too light or flashing like a stroboscope? Then motorists could be dazzled. This is of course forbidden.

It is more difficult when it comes to the individual taste. Neighbors may not be bothered by the decoration. Too bright lights, the neighbors can therefore justifiably disturbing, especially if they are turned on all night. Even "immoral" Christmas decorations in the front yard can be legally problematic. However, just because your neighbor does not share your taste, he can not expect you to dismantle their decoration. If the controversy is just about the taste, you have to disputewith your neighbor, surely you will find a good compromise.

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Basically, you should not put up anything that endangers or interferes with others. But you are allowed to set up deco in the garden that your neighbors do not like.
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