Gebrannte Mandeln - Roasted Almonds - Christmas Classics

Hi everybody !!! What is a Christmas Time without roasted almonds ? I can not imagine a Christmas fair that we can not eat those tasty things. Gebrannte mandeln - Roasted Almonds are everyones favorite at Austria. It makes me feel always warm and happy. What about if I say you can make your own roasted almonds at home? I have a really easy recipe for you. 


125 ml water
200 g sugar
200 g almonds
1 soupspoonful vanillin sugar
1/2 teaspoonful cinnamon

Bring water, sugar, vanilla sugar and cinnamon to a boil in a non-stick pan. Add the almonds and cook on, stirring occasionally. Let the almonds boil until the water has evaporated and the almonds are covered in sugar. Now continue stirring until the sugar caramelizes. Once all the almonds are evenly coated, place the hot almonds on a sheet of baking paper to cool. 
That' s all. Easy, doesn' t it? I hope you like my recipe. If you give a try please let me know with a comment. Take care of yourselve and have peacefull Christmas Time. 

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