Storage Ideas to Organize Your House

Have you ever walked into a room you’ve recently cleaned, only to be overwhelmed by clutter? How could it be dirty again so soon? We’ve all experienced those moments of complete disbelief.
There’s a saying, “can’t see the forest for the trees,” and it’s very applicable to clutter. Over time, you get used to the disorder, charging cables, loose files, and disorganization in your home. It becomes natural, and you don’t realize that you need to tidy these items up.
On the other hand, maybe you’re fully aware of the problem, but you have no extra space. Don’t worry! With a little creative thinking and a few DIY tips, you can have your home looking organized in no time!


Storage Ideas to Organize Your House
We spend a lot of time in our kitchens, and it’s often one of the most cluttered rooms in the house. Some of the biggest culprits are unused water bottles, Tupperware, poorly used space, and unorganized kitchen cabinets.
If you have a slide-out bin-drawer, for example, you can turn it into a prep counter by building on with a small hole over the bin. Slide-out pantries are also a popular choice, with a lot more storage space in a small area than other cabinets.
Use tension rods to store bottles with nozzles and free up counter space, or hang your pots, pans, and cups on wall or roof hooks. You can also use a magnetic knife bar to clear out some drawer space, and use dividers to keep those organized.
Finally, don’t be afraid to throw out a few things. You really don’t need hundreds of Tupperware containers, with no lids!


Disorganization and clutter can ruin what is supposed to be a restful and calming space. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to keep your room both beautiful and organized. 
First, try to use the space under your bed wisely if there is any. Slide-out drawers, for example, are a great way to store spare linens or hide your shoes. 
If you like reusing items, you can turn the bottom halves of soda bottles into excellent upright shoe holders! If you have a little extra closet wall space, use tension rods to hang them by the heels.
You can create extra shelf space with a multi-purpose headboard or get creative when you store your makeup. Using a corkboard and a material cover, you can also create a beautiful and organized space to store your jewelry.

Kids Room

storage ideas
If you have kids, you’re likely familiar with finding toys in the strangest places. You probably can’t stop your toddler from using the toilet bowl as the base of operations for his Lego army. However, you can make it easier to organize and store them in a safe and easy-to-access way.
If you have any old crates lying around the house, spruce them up with a little paint and use them as cubbies for toys or books. You can also turn the space under a bench into extra storage space. If you’re really handy with a hammer and nails, build raised bunk beds – that’s a lot of new and unused floor space for storage.
Top tip: whichever method you use, involve your kiddos – if they’re old enough. If they feel part of the process, they might be more open to using their new storage, rather than peppering your morning coffee walk with colored, sharp blocks.


bathroom organizing
The bathroom is probably one of the easier rooms in the home to organize, and one of the hardest at the same time. There isn’t a lot of space to begin with, which means you need to get very creative – and very compact.
First, use hooks if you can. It’s a great way to store towels without having to use a large wall rack. That frees up some space for shelves or, better yet, hanging drawers. You can also mount magnetic organizers for toothbrushes, makeup, or other toiletries.
Don’t be afraid to stack your shelves or turn the inside door of your bathroom mirror into a little creative storage space.

Take Away

Staying organized isn’t always easy, especially when you’ve got kids or pets. Cluttering also seems to come naturally to many of us, and you shouldn’t judge yourself too harshly. However, by using a few simple tricks, you can keep your space relatively clean and organized.
Most importantly, remember to put your stuff away. You might be tempted to leave things wherever they fall but try to keep putting everything back in their new spots. It’ll be difficult at first, but, in time, you’ll get used to storing and organizing your clutter properly.

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