Our Days At Home During Corona Pandemie

We have been at home for almost two weeks as part of the measures taken in Austria due to the Coronavirus. My husband and my older Son have to work yet, but I and my two young children try not to keep in touch with anyone and stay home. It is a chance that our house has a garden and is right next to the forest. From time to time, we go to the forest and go to the garden to stay active.
I prepare articles for my blogs and other customers at home and we also teach children every day. We read books, watch movies, we try to make good use of time. Not much time to get bored.

Have we stocked food and other items on the house? We received emergency supplies for about two weeks. I think many people did the same. However, we took care not to buy unnecessary things and to have them that we can consume later.
My 14-year-old Son wrote down his thoughts about what he was experiencing these days. Here are the feelings of a young person about the coronavirus:

‘The Corona Virus is a big thing right now. Everyone is talking about it and you see it everywhere. On the news, on the radio but also at school. Before the schools closed, our teachers told us about it and how it’s not very dangerous for kids but more for people over the age of 60. They also told us that we should wash our hands more often now that the virus is spreading. But not only the teachers were talking about it, I and my friends also did. Then the schools got closed and of course, everyone was happy about it because we won’t have to go to school until they open again. I was happy about it too. At first. But as time goes on, it gets quite boring to just stay home without really anyone you can talk to. You could also talk to your friends via video chat but it’s just not the same as talking to them personally. On one side, school is about learning things but on the other side, it’s also about meeting new friends and having a little fun, too. So for me, it’s good that the schools closed:) but it’s also bad because I can’t even do anything with my friends now. And that’s another thing I dislike. You can’t do anything with your friends. You can’t meet them or go to their place because if you do meet up with more than 1 person, there might be a risk that you’re getting the virus. So I’ll stay at home, trying to entertain myself, doing my schoolwork and also calm down a little. I’m not afraid of the virus because I know that it’s not really harming for young people but that doesn’t mean that, if I get the virus, I’ll go outside and try to infect other people. Of course, I’m going to stay at home so I don’t really harm anyone. I also try to follow the advice our teachers and my parents gave me so I don’t get the Coronavirus. And even if it’s not harming, I don’t really want to get flu because I still want to do sports. Luckily, there are not many people who have the virus in our city and not many people died, but that can change anytime.'

As a guest writer today, I was proud to welcome my son Ada. I hope he will be continuous and successful in the writing world he is interested in.

Stay healthy, stay at home.

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