7 Things To Look Out For When Buying Carpets & Rugs

Tiles, parquet or laminate can be perfectly complemented with the right carpet or rug. But: If you have the choice of carpets, you also have the carpet agony. Since a carpet occupies a striking surface, it has a great influence on the effect of the room. Before you choose a carpet, there are many things to consider. Here are some tips for rugology.co for buying carpets:

1) Trendy Scandinavian or comfortably rustic: Which furnishing style do you want to meet?

7 Things To Look Out For When Buying Carpets & Rugs

Puristic Scandinavian in a minimalist look. Bohemian chic with colourful pillows, baskets and shabby designs. Shades of blue and stripes in a maritime style. Rustic country house style with enamel, solid wood furniture and bright decorative elements. The possibilities are great. Make yourself aware of the style you want to live and show in your own four walls. There is the right carpet for everything.

2) Cosy, elegant or completely different: Which atmosphere do you want to create in the room?

If the furnishing style is clear, the next question is how it works in the room. Think about what atmosphere you want to create and what the carpet should do. The basic rule is: carpets with light colours contribute to the enlargement of the room. Heavily patterned or dark carpets reduce the space. Each carpet has its own characteristic: The Shaggy is a classic high pile carpet with long fluffy pile fibres that create warmth and comfort in the room. Or should the carpet spice up the room with exciting colours and patterns? Then you need a colourful carpet that makes a clear statement. A design with calm, solid colours and clearly defined patterns radiate elegance.

3) What does not fit is made to fit? Better not with the carpet

How much space do you have and how big can the carpet be? The question sounds banal, but it is important and is regularly underestimated. Carpets that are too small lose their effect in large rooms. Carpets that are too large can appear overloaded in small rooms. Think in advance about how much space you actually have available.

4) Wool, natural fibre or synthetic?

Carpet is not just carpet, it's the material that matters. Because it is crucial for resilience, maintenance and, of course, most importantly: for the feeling. Carpets made of wool and cotton are soft and cosy. With this material, it can also run barefoot. In addition, wool is easy to clean. Synthetic fibres such as Polypropylene are even softer and firmer than wool and are equally suitable for allergy sufferers. Carpets without pile are made from natural fibres such as sisal or jute. They are particularly robust and less soft.

5) Tested for harmful substances with the Oeko-Tex label

We run bare feet across the carpet. Children crawl and play on it. The carpet is an everyday item. It is all the more important that the materials contain no pollutants. The standard 100 Oeko-Tex label tests textiles for chemicals that are harmful to health. The tests are carried out on the basis of a detailed catalogue of criteria. In terms of consumer protection, the label is only awarded to textiles that are harmless to health. Pay attention to the Oeko-Tex label when choosing your textiles.

6) A unique look through the processing

The processing of a carpet has a great influence on its look. Woven carpets, like the kilim, are much flatter. Their surface is characterized by the weave structure and the motif is shown on both sides of the kilim. These carpets fit very well in the reduced Scandinavian look. A knotted high pile carpet, like the Shaggy, is characterized by long upright pile fibres and looks very warm, soft and cosy. A popular method for the production of short pile rugs is tufting. The fibres are worked directly into the carpet flooring, which contributes greatly to the stability of the carpet. Tufted or woven carpets are robust, easier to care for and last much longer.

7) The perfect place

Where furniture is often moved or cooked and food is served, robust carpets should be laid out. A fluffy shaggy is not suitable where food falls on the floor, because this carpet is not easy to clean due to its long pile. Raised carpets are better suited for living rooms, bedrooms and children's rooms. Robust short-pile carpets fit better in the kitchen, the hallway or the dining room.

Also, think about how the colour of the carpet fits. A colourful carpet should not be laid out in an already colourfully decorated room. In this case, the carpet with soft plain colours could bring calmness into the room.

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